Kamen Rider Build, Episode 24: "The Man Called Rogue"

Toku Prime

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Now they're just encouraging yaoi fanfics

This week: I have lost track of the timeline now. I know we had a one week jump a couple of episodes back but the flashback as to how Rogue becomes a Rider sounds as if it took a long period of time and I didn't think he'd been gone for months?

Anyway, Stark shouldn't be able to evolve as he's not a Rider but he's now able to defeat RabbitTank Sparkling, Kazumi and his Mii-tan pillow move in the with the others, LOVE AND PEACE!!!, Gentoku marches straight into the anonymous rented office space that's meant to be Touto HQ and retrieves Pandora's Box before kicking everybody's ass again, and judging by the glowing eyes and convenient hair-blowing wind Misora is about to clear this with no continues!