Kamen Rider Build, Episode 19: "The Forbidden Item"

Toku Prime

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What a random place for a Showa Rider shout-out.
In other news: WATCH BLACK RX! :D

This week: Time out for a trim, Stalk helpfully comes to tell everyone what their video game style power levels are, some Grease backstory and his trio get black repaints upgrades via one of those white capsules from KR Ghost, and Sento loses a few bottles to clear the way for his own upcoming black repaint upgrade.


After decade and they still mispelled their own merchandise.
After two badass episode and now Grease start to waving clown character flag.
What is different between Sawatari and Banjou with Sentou? I hope Hazard level is not mere reason for upgrade without anything significant considering its picky detail to decimal.
So it is something like Hazard level more than 4,0 get to use Sclash Driver while less than that can use Hazard Trigger. Is Sclash power something like Gohan DBZ power up which evolve power to the max but stuck in that very level for eternity.

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