Kamen Rider Build, Episode 18: "The Golden Soldier"

Toku Prime

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10 years on, still girl crazy!

Episode trivia #1 - after Grease's first transformation, background music from Kyuranger kicks in?!

Episode trivia #2 - actor Kouhei Takeda is making his big return on his birthday. He turns 32 on the day this episode airs.


BTW how is this not the legend bottle combination for Faiz?​

This week: Grease is here to kick ass, love the ladies and sell Kiva Blu Rays

Also this week: Gentoku joins in the narration of the previous episode recap, one episode after his upgrade and Banjou's back to getting his ass kicked constantly, Grease's point about the walls blocking the use of tanks etc really is a good explaination for why Riders are the "ultimate weapon", losing your new toys powers in the same episode you first use them, and a return from the dead.
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Black Fang

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Given that I have seen Faiz, I'm well aware of that. But a Faiz legend combo (I'd rather they didn't do this Legend Rider stuff as it's pointless, but whatever) would be a wolf and regular cellphone, not a smartphone.