[SELLING] Kamen Rider Belts 1975-2008


unless Noted , all Japan releases
there are cheaper Korean Releases now, might save you
money, or hong kong, mine are the original releases

not including postage

kamen rider Amazon 1975 w braclet mint in box rare (kids size) 460.00
kamen rider V-3 2005 reissue Rare 125.00
kamen rider Black original release DX 300
kamen rider Black RX 150
Kuuga 2001 reissue 135
kuuga 2000 belt acessory pack 125
kuuga 2000 belt regular not dx 110
kamen rider ryuki 13 riders box set HK 480
ryuki Drag visor gun 175
venomizer rare 165
knight dark visor 240
knight survive 225
ryuki dragvisor 185
ryuki ryuugia dragvisor 185
kamen rider blade blay buckle 125
rouse absorber 85
blay rouser 125
garren blay buckle 125
leangle blay buckle 125
rouser 135
chalice bow 85
buckle 125
chalice arrow 60
missing ace rouser rare 350
hibiki belt 150
belt acces 85
kabuto zector 250
gattack zector 280
movie zectors 125
hopper zector 250
den-o regualr dxdx 250
deno- climax belt w phone 250
zeronos 125
zeronos gun 65
kiva 180

questions i do carry advent toy semi decks
and blade semi decks also

No offense but alot of that doesn't really go for half what you're asking.

Unless your stuff is mint in sealed box.

Just kinda curious where you got pricing from as most of that is easy to find on Ebay and Mandarake.

I'm interested in a few things but was just curious.

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