Was Rider Punched
Mar 7, 2012
Hey everyone!

So I just started making these weird Art V-Log things on a whim as is explained in the first video of them. The first couple are a little shaky with both Audio an Camera work because I have not exactly got into the the grove of how I quite want to do this. Mostaly just problems with voice projection. I don't know you guys might dig it, you might not but I hope I can make them a lot better soon.


So far I have done ones on;
- Kamen Rider Meteor
- Kamen Rider 2
- Kamen Rider Nadeshiko
- Kamen Rider ZO
- Kamen Rider Fourze Fire States (is uploading right now)

Thanks very much for your passing intrest!


Btw, Fourze = Best Kamen Rider I have ever seen.