Kamen Rider 40th *a anniversy fan fic with me

it all started when i woke up and went on the computer to watch OOO Than all of the sudden someone knocked on my door Who could it be than when i awnsered it no one was there but a Rider Like Belt with the 40th on the belt
than i herd screams HELP Yelled a woman A Fangire? BUT.. I Thought.....WAIT...... The Belt i said Than The Belt came with cards as i noticed
Than i scanned the card Henshin i turned into Kiva WHOA THI..THIS IS AWSOME than i saved the lady from a moose fangire than
i pull out the next card than a man told me i must save the world and find other rider cards and find who ever did this .. To Be Continued *btw iTS THE BETTER VERSION OF DECADE XD *

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