Kamen Dragon Allbreath

Kamen Rider Kry

The Dopant Hunter
http://kry-havoc.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2m3ciq (the whole first chapter is here)

a preview of my Kamen Rider Decade, Spyro the Dragon cross.

Cynder in a stained white dress stood in a barren field surrounded by mountains and cliffs where everything seemed to be silent. Suddenly she was surrounded in a ring of fire and explosions, she screams in shock as beams and shots blaze past her towards an undefined target, many different coloured and armoured dragons flying and riding on customised motorcycles go past her into a full scale war while specifically purple shots come back in their direction knocking them out, this continues until all of the dragons have fallen to the ground- beaten.

Behind the veil of a mechanical dragon that falls to the ground a shining purple, armoured anthro Spyro is floating in the air with a blank expression, Cynder's focus goes from his face to his buckle and booker and she only remarks his name "...Allbreath."

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