Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger thread 2 (first post has collected info, please READ!)

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The Meteor has landed
two characters fusing together would make for an epic ultimate power


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The Meteor has landed
but W was always two characters to begin, its not the same. maybe we'll eventually get a mid-series power up where two characters fuse

No, W was Shotaro's Body fused with Phillp's Soul, WCJX is when both of their bodies fused together creating a new power.

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Everyone always forgets Ultraman Ace when this conversation pops up. :laugh:

And that one's even creepier, because it was a man and a woman! :loltongue:


it seems like gai will be marvelous and marvelous will be gai meaning

marvelous-jumping down fan boy.

both of them will show their appearances in a flick of an eye.

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Episode summaries

Episode 37:
Title- Saikyou no Kessenki (The Strongest Decisive Battle Machine)
Airs- 11/6/11

Barizorg appeared on Earth, commanding troops composed of Gormin, Sugormin, and the Emperor's personal bodyguards, the Dogormin! Their plan is an attack on the GokaiGalleon...

Joe, becoming GokaiBlue, fights Barizorg, while the other Gokaiger take on the Dogormin. However, Wals Gil appears at the battle...

Furthermore, the Strongest Decisive Battle Machine, Great Wals, flies out from the Gigant Horse. In the Gokaiger's greatest pinch Marvelous is....

Episode 38:
Title- Yume wo Tsukamu Chikara (The Power to Sieze Dreams)
Airs- 11/13/11

Having toppled the Gokaiger, Wals Gil begins his Complete Invasion plan.

This time, will the Earth become just another possesion of Zangyack? What is the fate of Joe and Barizorg's connection? And Marvelous is....?

Stand up, Young Space Pirates! Defeat Wals Gil with your strong, burning bonds!

Episode 39:
Title- N/A
Airs- 11/20/11

Because of Navi's Otakara Navigate, the Gokaiger head to Moroboshi High School. Gai informs the others that Moroboshi High is the school that the Denji Sentai Megaranger attended. However, it has been more than 10 years since they were here.

Even if they go there now, is there any chance of meeting the Megaranger? Date Kenta, the former MegaRed, appears in this Legend episode!

Do Marvelous and the others...change uniforms with 6 students?! The monsters Moririn and Dororin appear...

Episode 40:
Title- N/A
Airs- 11/27/11

From beyond space and time, from the future of the 31st century, a Video Letter reaches the Gokaiger. The Sender? Timeranger's TimeYellow, Domon.

He informs the Gokaiger they must time travel back to "October 2, 2010 A.D." If they go there, a certain great power may be able to be attained....

Pay attention to this episode full of surprises!


-Marvelous is surrounded by ??? in the 37 to 38 summaries, because he is going to have a dream talk with one AkaRed

-It is confirmed that Agent no Metal Alice, Short no ZanKT 0, and Hone no Shitari appear in episode 40. Not only will this episode serve as an explanation for the Gokaiger's VS appearence, but it will also probably be the first chronological appearence of Matrintis (ZanKT 0 being a prototype for the ZanKT Matroids), and maybe explain some stuff about Chimatsuri no Buredoran!

For the remaining powers:

-Battle Fever and Denjiman's powers are more than likely being saved for the Gavan movie

-Megaranger will be unlocked by the Gokaiger in 39

-Kakuranger's tribute ep will follow the ep with Marvelous' public execution. There's rumors that the Kakuranger are involved in his escape (this would go from ep 43-44)

-45 is rumored to have the Emperor calling on Balzion, and being a Bioman tribute, of sorts

-46 is the would be Fiveman tribute ep, whether or not Basco has stolen this power is unknown

If Basco ends up as the final villain, the Emperor may not be around for too long.

That's what rumors say will happen. And it makes sense.

Also, it seems there might be a JAKQ episode in there somewhere as well, according to rumor. Here's this batch of rumors:

-Episode 45 is titled "Resurrection Balzion". That title is temporary. It involves Akudos Gil creating a new Balzion and sending it to Earth to challenge KanzenGokaiOh. The Gokaiger require Bioman's Ultimate Power to fight the Anti-Bio Particles.

Gou Shirou, former RedOne, shows up to train the Gokaiger and give them the Bioman's power.

BioHunter Silva will not appear, because his voice actor, Hayashi Kazuo, was unavailable. Instead, Action Commander AquaMesser will pilot Balzion.

-JAKQ's episode, only a rumor now, apparently has Akudos Gil reviving Atomic Witch, a former enemy of JAKQ. Bamba Soukichi, former Big One, appears on Sky Ace to help the Gokaiger.

Luka looses her Ranger Key in the episode, making the rangers unable to use Big Bomber. The JAKQ Covack is unaffective. The episode will be a Luka focus.


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DAMN ! sounds amazing
i am not very excited about the Go-Onger episode but cant wait for 37-40 and the subsequent ones !


Sweet. It's about time that more Pre-Zyuranger tribute episodes will happen. :thumbs: :buttrock:

Battle Kenya/Denji Blue? Mega Red? Time Yellow? Red One? Big One? :) :castlerock: :buttrock:

Plus episode 40 definitely looks promising. Let's hope that Toei doesn't screw that up.
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