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I went a year without updating so don't feel too bad.

I see you found a way to keep Kisame around after Shun became silver. You had some good character moments in this one with with Hiro and Juka as well as Megumi and Shun (although that one got a tad on the r rated side).


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"SuiseiSilver Arc" final episode

“Megumi, you’re back!†said Aquarian #1.

“I’ve heard from Neptune-sama,†he said, “He said something about you being involved with Bloodthirsty Kisame’s son?!â€

“So what if I am?†Megumi retorted, “What is it to you anyway??â€

“There’s no need to know because it’s already obvious. He’s no different from his old man. Because of that man, Erika from the Dolphin Family was mercilessly killed by Davy Stone! Answer me this, Megumi, do you wish to end up like she did? Do you?!â€

“Instead of blaming someone else for causing their own wife’s death, why don’t you reflect on your own mistakes?!â€

Shun slowly moves his hands up towards her breasts and fondle them in a slow and passionate manner. Megumi starts breathing heavily as he does so.

“Please, stop…â€

“Not until you mate with me.â€

The Sea Demon ministers look at each other and at that moment, they heard footsteps coming from behind them. They whirl around to see who it is but to no avail as the mysterious figure is hidden within the darkness along the pillars.

“You know your duty. Now go!â€

“Yes, Davy Stone-sama…â€

“I knew it was you,†Shun exclaimed, “You’re Davy Stone’s backup in case I learn the truth and betray him. Isn’t that right, Gills?â€

“Hmph, I never understood why he made you the elite soldier in the first place. The moment he assigned you to assassinate the Suiseigers, it was obvious you’d betray him!â€


The imposter lifts the Shark Club and is about to bring it down onto the young man, who tries to reach for his fallen pike, but is too far from his hands. At this moment, SuiseiPink rushes to the silver warrior’s aid and jumps in the way without hesitating, taking the blow instead.




Kaijuu Sentai Suiseiger

Opening Theme: Resonance by T.M. Revolution


Ocean 25: White Shark’s Summon Unseals! / シロザメ召喚が開封!


Youhei angrily punches Shun in the cheek, sending him to the floor. The raging young man was about to throw more punches, but was held back by Riku and Juka. Hiro steps up and offers his hand. However, Shun slaps it away and rubs his cheek, before getting up to his feet.

“Because of you,†Youhei started, “Because of you, Megumi is badly wounded. Not only that, she’s now in the hands of the Sea Demons! What do you have to say about that now?!â€

“I don’t see the need to say anything,†Shun replied, “I know what I must do.â€

“Why you…!â€

Youhei shoves the youngsters off and grabs Shun by the collar. The oldest Aquarian glares into the hybrid’s eyes, to which the hybrid response with a chuckle, before punching Youhei right in the face the moment his smile dies.

“Youhei!†Riku and Juka cried.

“I will save Megumi with my own bare hands,†Shun declared, “Whether you like it or not.â€

An angered Youhei is held back by Riku and Juka again as Shun makes his way out the door. Hiro folds his arms and sighs at the situation. Rei frowns and quietly sneaks out the door while the Aquarians aren’t looking.


Megumi finds herself in a dark dungeon, with her hands chained together and suspended from the ceiling. The young woman’s body was also covered in bruises from Gills’ attack earlier. At this moment, the dungeon doors open with a loud creak.

“Don’t even bother struggling, sweetie,†Gills sneered, “I doubt you’re able to break out of those chains in such condition.â€

“Why did you bring me back here if you’re after Shun? Megumi questioned.

The gill man smiles sinisterly and caresses the young woman’s face, to which she reacts by angrily shaking his hands off.

“I thought it would be more interesting if I used you to lure him out. Besides, I might be able to break him with a little help from his girlfriend.â€

“I won’t let you hurt him!â€



Tatsunoko and Siren are ploughing through a kelp field, until the latter comes to a complete stop halfway.

“What’s the matter?†asked the humanoid seahorse.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea to return to Davy Stone-sama,†claimed the seductress, “It’s clear that he’ll punish us AGAIN the moment we report ourselves.â€

“Then… what are we supposed to do?â€

“Heh… I already have a plan on how to defeat those pathetic Aquarians.â€


An evil smile comes across the seductress’ face.


Shun is about to enter the ocean at the beach, when he hears footsteps from behind. The young man whirls around to spot the university student standing not far from his position. He sighs and turns away.

“You’re going to rescue Megumi now, aren’t you?†Rei asked.

The hybrid remained silent.

“Before you leave,†she continued, “I want to you to tell me if it’s true that Otou-san’s death was because of Kisame.â€

“Whatever happened to your father has nothing to do with me,†Shun finally spoke up, “But I would still wish to apologize for what you had to go through up to this point.â€


“What my father did in the past… the sins he committed… I will bear responsibility for it all.â€

Rei is left speechless while Shun finally disappears into the ocean in front of her. The young woman collapses to her knees a few moments later. Shun lands softly onto the sea bed and quickly makes his way towards the infirmary shack not far from Atlantis City, which is seen in the distance. Erika is already sitting on his bed the moment Shun steps into the infirmary shack.

“Oh, you’re back,†Erika smiled.

“Ofukuro,†Shun raised his voice all of a sudden, “Why couldn’t I use Suisei Shirozame’s powers?!â€

“That’s why I’m here to speak to you regarding that manner.â€

“What do you mean?â€

“I’m sorry, my son, but after I reverted your Shirozame Crystal to the good side… your ability to summon Suisei Shirozame was locked in the process.â€

“You mean…â€

“That’s right. You have to unlock your powers all over again.â€

The young man closes his eyes and lets out a loud sigh, slowly plonking himself onto a chair nearby at the same time. Erika quietly approaches her son and gently places her hand on his shoulder.

“You have to save Megumi, isn’t it?†she asked, “I know it’s an inconvenience to be unable to use your powers at its full potential yet, but… I believe you can do it.â€

The deceased Aquarian vanishes after giving her blessings and at that moment, Megumi’s father appears at the hybrid’s doorstep. Shun looks up to confirm his visitor’s face. The Aquarian storms up to the young man and grabs him up to his feet aggressively.

“Where’s my daughter?!†he growled, “What have you done to her?!?!â€

Shun, who wasn’t having eye contact, slowly turns back to glare into the Aquarian’s eyes. Then, he stares down the Aquarian’s hands which were gripping onto his shirt.

“Hands… OFF!â€

The hybrid violently shoves the Aquarian off, causing him to lose his balance and hitting the ground hard.

“Is that what you Aquarians are good at?†Shun snarled, “Blaming others for your own failure?!â€

“Funny you should say that,†sighed the Aquarian, “That was exactly what my daughter said to my face the moment she returned…â€

The Aquarian slowly gets back up on his feet and drags himself towards the chair where Shun was sitting, taking a seat.

“I don’t blame her for saying it. Besides, I haven’t been a good husband to my wife.â€

“Your wife…?â€

“Heh, she’s already dead though… and it was all my fault…â€

“What do you mean?â€

“My wife and I used to get along back in the day, but after we got married and had Megumi, things started to go downhill. I was always too busy with my duties that I hardly returned home and even if I did, we would start raising our voices at each other the moment our eyes meet. I didn’t even bother to get to know my daughter and now… look at us.â€


Megumi is strapped tightly to a giant white cross in the middle of an abandoned warehouse, with Gills gleefully circling around it, enjoying the sight of the young woman struggling in pain as her wounds were still torturing her. The gill man snaps his finger and a water image appears in mid-air.

“Listen up, SuiseiSilver,†Gill said, “If you wish to see SuiseiPink alive, head over to the abandoned warehouse located by the cliff above Sunken City.â€


Hiro gets up and turns to look at his comrades, who response with a nod. He returns the nod and they rush out the door to save their friend. The Aquarians hurried along the pathway by the ocean and towards the cliff Gills mentioned earlier.

“What about Rei?†Riku wondered.

“We don’t have time for that now,†Youhei remarked, “We have to save Megumi!â€

“Youhei’s right,†Hiro agreed, “Who knows what that bastard might do to her.â€

“I hope we’re not too late,†Juka added.


Shun has just finished watching the message left by Gills and prepares to leave, until he remembers his guest.

“You’re going to save Megumi now, aren’t you?â€

“Don’t misunderstand. I’m doing this for nobody but myself.â€

“I know you’re doing this because you’re in love with my daughter and I won’t stop you, but just let me say… thank you.â€

“…whatever you say, old man.â€

The hybrid rushes out of the infirmary shack afterwards.


Rei was taking a stroll on the streets when a group of Piranharoids appear, harassing the citizens in front of her. The university student clenches her fist angrily and picks up a metal pipe nearby, charging towards the piranha foot soldiers.

“Leave them alone, you bastards!!â€

The university student swings the metal pipe blindly, successfully hitting a few Piranharoids in the face with it, though she was still no match for them as two of them managed to slice the metal pipe apart with their Piranha Daggers. The two then prepare to kill the helpless young woman.


Riku and Juka jump kick the two piranha foot soldiers away in time before they could lay a finger on Rei, followed by Hiro and Youhei showing up from behind.

“Damn Piranharoids are trying to stall us,†Youhei groaned.

“Then let’s not waste time,†Hiro said.

Shun spotted the Aquarians fighting against the Pirahnaroids from afar, only to ignore the situation and hurry towards the abandoned warehouse. When the young man arrives at the location and steps through the entrance, an explosion went off at his feet, sending him to the ground. He looks up to see Gills with a group of Piranharoids gathered behind him, grinning sinisterly.

“Come to be sent to your own grave, SuiseiSilver?†Gills sneered.

“Where’s Megumi?†Shun snarled.

The gill man smirks and moves aside to show the young woman still strapped to the giant white cross, only now it’s hanging from the ceiling above.



Shun is about to rush to Megumi’s aid, when the Piranharoids intercept his path. Gills response with a maniacal laugh.

“You think I’d let you get to her that easily?!â€

“Out of my way!!â€

Gills watches the young man as he ploughs through the piranha foot soldiers, driving his fist into one of their faces and a roundhouse kick into another, desperate to reach the young woman. When he successfully beats down every single Pirahnaroids, the gill man transforms into Kisame immediately and trips Shun with the Shark Club.

“Don’t get a little too confident,†Gills warned, “You still have to go through me first!â€

“It will be my PLEASURE!†Shun cried.

Shun kicks Gills aside by the waist, quickly scrambling up to his feet afterwards. The young man snaps his necklace off his neck, followed by inserting his White Shark Crystal into the Aquariser. Then, he does a half crouch before straightening himself up and bringing his wristlet to the side of his face, pushing the button on the device.

“Shirozame Henshin!â€


A whirlpool occurs around Shun’s feet, twirling upwards and a shark’s cry is heard. Several water-shaped sharks burst out from within the whirlpool, splashing onto its host’s body, which forms his Suiseiger suit.

SuiseiSilver summons his Shirozame Pike and charges at Kisame, brandishing his weapon angrily. The impostor blocks the incoming attack with the Shark Club, followed by flipping over his head and smashing his weapon into the silver warrior, sending him flying into a pile of crates.


“Is that the best you can do? I expected better than that.â€

“Bastard… SHUT UP!â€

He kicks the broken pieces out of the way and struggles to his feet, using his weapon as a support. The young man was burning with so much anger inside. Gills was standing not far from his position, mocking the hybrid with a chuckle.

“Bastard…†Shun muttered, “You lay one finger on Megumi…â€

“Or you’d do what?†Gills laughed, “You can’t defeat me without your Shirozame powers.â€

“Don’t you dare look down on me…â€


“What makes you think you can defeat me? Like you said, you’re my shadow and that means I have the upper hand to crush you.â€

“You cheeky bastard…!â€

Gills waves the Shark Club above his head in a full circle, producing a gush of wind, before slamming it down onto the ground, sending the wind towards SuiseiSilver’s way. The silver warrior stabs his Shirozame Pike into the ground and holds onto it tightly, fighting the strong gush of wind.

“You’re nothing without your Shirozame powers! Nothing, NOTHING!!â€

“Shut up… I will show you that I can save Megumi… WITHOUT MY POWERS!!!â€

A white light shines from within SuiseiSilver, putting the strong wind to an immediate stop, to Gills’ shock. The silver warrior looks up to see his Shirozame Crystal floating in front of him. An image of his deceased father appears smiling at his son.


“So, you’ve finally proven your sense of justice. Expressing your determination to save the one you care about. You shall have Suisei Shirozame’s powers again.â€

The Shirozame Crystal lands onto SuiseiSilver’s palm after the image disappears. Gills recovers from the shocking event and throws another gush of wind.

“Come forth, Suisei Shirozame!â€

Suisei Shirozame bursts out from within the crystal, splitting the incoming wing into two and knocking Gills off his feet, before releasing Megumi from the giant white cross above. SuiseiSilver kicks off the ground and catches a falling Megumi, landing softly onto the ground afterwards.


Gills swings the Shark Club at SuiseiSilver, only for the silver warrior to spin away. At this moment, Megumi inserts her Aquatic Crystal into her Aquariser, pushing the button afterwards.


The gill man was temporarily blinded and gasps when he now sees SuiseiSilver bridal carrying SuiseiPink in his arms. The pink warrior draws out her Aqua Blaster and fire a round of shots into the impostor.

“ARGH!†Gills cried.

“The others are still handling the Piranharoids,†SuiseiSilver reported.

“Not to worry,†SuiseiPink chuckled, “The two of us are more than enough to take him down.â€

“Shirozame Pike!â€

“Kurage Whip!â€

Gills angrily scrambles to his feet and picks up his fallen Shark Club, screaming at the top of his lungs while charging at the two Suiseigers. SuiseiSilver and SuiseiPink exchange nods, before going into an attack stance.

“You’re both no match for me!!â€

“Kurage Whiplash!â€

The pink warrior lashes the incoming gill man in the leg, causing him to stop in his tracks immediately.

“Shirozame Straight!â€

The silver warrior executes a forward dash slash, striking Gills hards. However, the gill man laughs as he realized he hasn’t gone down yet.

“Is that it?†Gills grinned, “How disappointing.â€

“Not yet,†SuiseiPink smirked, “Pochama!â€

A bright blue blast flies into SuiseiPink’s hands, materializing into Pochama. Then, she inserts the Aquatic Crystal into the penguin’s back, transforming the penguin into a bazooka.

“Suisei Shirozame,†SuiseiSilver called, “Let’s finish him!â€

Suisei Shirozame engulfs the silver warrior he goes into a half crouch pose.

“Iceberg Bomber!â€

“Shirozame Attack!â€

A white blast bursts out from the Penguin Bazooka’s barrel, revealing an iceberg engulfed with Kurage Spirit. SuiseiSilver merges with Suisei Shirozame, transforming into a projected form of a white shark. Gills’ eyes widened when both blasts hit him hard.


SuiseiSilver comes to a complete stop as the impostor finally goes down, exploding into flames. When he turns around, SuiseiPink reverts back to a weakened Megumi. The silver warrior reverts back to Shun as well, rushing over to the young woman and catching her before she hits the ground.


“You’re still injured…â€

The young man scoops her off the ground and prepares to leave, until the rest of the Aquarians arrive, relieved to see their teammate in one piece.

“I’m bringing her back to the infirmary,â, “But don’t misunderstand, I’m just doing it as a repayment for treating my wounds.â€

“Thank you,†Hiro smiled.

Youhei clenches his fist as he watches Shun carrying Megumi out into the sunlight. At this moment, Siren is seen watching them from the shadows.

“So, that is what has been bothering SuiseiBlue lately,†Siren giggled, “How interesting.â€

The seductress quietly makes her way out of the warehouse through the backdoor, while the Aquarians step out of the front door.

“Man, I’m tired from all the fighting,†Riku stretched his arms, “Let’s go eat.â€

“Ah, count me in!†Juka agreed, “Can we, Hiro?â€

“Why not?†Hiro laughed, “I’m starving myself.â€

“Count me out,†Youhei said bluntly.

Hiro and Juka exchange worried looks when the young man walks away.

“What’s wrong with Youhei?†Juka wondered.

“I don’t know,†Hiro shrugged.

“Ah, who cares,†Riku said, “He’s always a spoil sport. Let’s go already!â€

The 19-year old Aquarian pushes the reluctant couple impatiently towards the opposite direction.


Ending Theme: Sorairo Days by Nakagawa Shoko



Another good one Jacky, and I like how your building on tyhat triangle between Shun, Megumi and Youhei. although it does look like Siren might be planning to exploit it. Can't wait for the next episode.


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yay, finally!

Juka happily skips along the streets of Harajuku, with Riku struggling to carry her shopping bags from behind. The young girl stops and turns around.

“You’re so slow!†she pouted.

“You must… be… joking…†he panted, “Why can’t you carry some of this yourself? Or rather… why didn’t you asked Hiro to accompany you instead?!â€

“Hiro went to pick up Megumi and since Youhei wasn’t home as well, you were the only one I could get my hands on.â€

“Right… so where did Youhei disappear off to you say?â€

“Ah, there’s a store selling shaved ice!â€

“Don’t change the-“

Before the 19-year old could finish, he spotted three little boys picking on a little girl in front of a toy store. Meanwhile, Juka was already at the store ordering a bowl of shaved ice. Riku, without hesitance, approached the children.

“Stupid girl,†Boy #1 scolded, “You bought the wrong toy!â€

“Give us back the money!†Boy #2 demanded.

“But… but…†sobbed the little girl.

“Give it back now!†Boy #3 yelled.

The little boy was about to throw his fist into the little girl’s face, when the Aquarian grabs him by the forearm.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,†Riku warned.

“What the…?†Boy #3 muttered, “Let go of me!â€

After paying for the shaved ice, Juka was about to dig into it when she noticed Riku arguing with the little boys. She quickly makes her way over.

“This isn’t interesting anymore,†Boy #1 groaned, “Let’s go!â€

After the three little boys disappear out of sight, Riku squats in front of the crying little girl and places his hand on her head.

“It’s alright now,†he smiled.

“Thanks, Onii-chan…†she sobbed.



Kaijuu Sentai Suiseiger

Opening Theme: Resonance by T.M. Revolution


Ocean 26: Bad Friends’ True Intentions / 悪友の本意

Siren enters the library where Tatsunoko usually hangs out or creates new Sea Demons for Davy Stone, spotting the humanoid seahorse standing in front of the concoction pot with a book in his hands.

“Funny,†said the seductress, “Davy Stone-sama is nowhere to be seen. He wasn’t in the throne room either.â€

“Isn’t that supposed to be a good thing?†replied the humanoid seahorse, “With Gills defeated, he would’ve thrown a tantrum at us.â€

“Heh, that’s true… what are you doing?â€

“You said you have a plan on how to defeat the Suiseigers and I thought I should come up with my own as well. Besides, I still owe SuiseiGreen… revenge!â€


Juka, who has given up her bowl of shaved ice to the little girl, is now seen bidding goodbye to the little girl as her mother takes her daughter home. A smile came across Riku’s face, though it didn’t last long as he recalled something from his past.


Three little boys laugh cheekily as they pick on a little girl, who was playing with a doll. One of the little boys, a young Riku, snatches away the doll from the little girl, who is actually a young Juka.

“What an ugly doll!†young Riku chuckled.

“Give it back!†young Juka begged.

The little girl desperately tries to retrieve the doll from the little boy, who continuously evade her incoming hands and eventually kicks her to the ground after a few rounds. The little girl bursts into tears.

“Heh, here’s your doll back!â€

Young Riku slams the doll onto young Juka’s head and marches off with his two lackeys, who were laughing uncontrollably.


“Riku,†Juka called, “Riku? Riku!â€

“Huh...?†Riku snapped back to reality.

“What’s wrong?â€

“N-nothing, I was just… thinking…â€

“Thinking about what?â€

“It’s nothing, really.â€

“C’mon, tell me!â€

“Ah, let’s get some crepe!â€

“Mou… don’t change the subject!â€


“Thanks for coming, Hiro,†Megumi thanked.

“It’s nothing,†Hiro smiled.

Both Aquarians emerged from within the infirmary shack, with Atlantis City in the background. Shun watches as the two disappear into the gates of the city carried by a gigantic turtle. Many young Aquarians were excited to see them.

“By the way,†Hiro continued, “Do you know what’s going on with Youhei these days?â€

“Not really. Why?†Megumi wondered, “Is something wrong with him?â€

“I don’t know, but he has been avoiding us these few days.â€

“Hmmm, I’ll try to talk to him when we get back.â€

King Neptune greeted the two Aquarians when they arrived at the palace gates and the sea god leads them into the palace.

“What is it you wanted to speak to us about, Neptune-sama?†Hiro asked.

“It’s about Davy Stone,†King Neptune replied, “He hasn’t been causing trouble lately and I’m afraid that he might be planning something despicable.â€

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he was,†Megumi laughed sheepishly.


Riku chills on a bench outside a pastry store, where Juka was busy browsing through the colourful varieties of cookies and cakes. Pedestrians were giving looks as the youth was almost buried underneath the shopping bags he was carrying.


A familiar voice called out to the youth and it was certainly a voice he hasn’t heard in quite a while. Riku turns and spots Misaki running towards his direction, waving excitedly.

“Misaki-chan!†he gleamed.

“Long time no see,†she smiled, “Ah, shopping with your childhood friend I see?â€

“H-hey, don’t get any ideas. Her boyfriend wasn’t around, so she forced me into this!â€

“I didn’t even say anything…â€

Their conversation was cut short when a group of Piranharoids appear on the streets, wreaking havoc and frightening pedestrians who were shopping at the spot. Riku grabs one of the shopping bags from the bench he was sitting on and tosses it at a Piranharoid nearby, sending him to the ground.

“Misaki-chan, get to safety,†Riku ordered, “Juka, get out here. Piranharoids are causing trouble!â€

Misaki nods and evacuates the area immediately with the rest of the pedestrians. Juka emerges from within the pastry store afterwards and quickly drives her fist into an incoming Piranharoid’s face.

“Where did they come from?†Juka wondered.

“I don’t know, but do we need a reason to kick their butts?!â€

“Mou… why do they have to show up at a time like this?!â€

Riku delivers a roundhouse kick to a random Piranharoid’s face, followed by sticking out his left foot, kicking an incoming Piranharoid from behind. Meanwhile, Juka grabs a Piranharoid by the forearm and throws him into another Piranharoid, sending both foot soldiers to the ground together.

“Argh, there’s too many of them!†Riku complained.

“But we can’t transform just yet,†Juka exclaimed, “There are still people around!â€

At this moment, two mysterious figures effortlessly take down the entire group of piranha foot soldiers within seconds. Riku and Juka could only watch the scenario with a dumbfounded face as it was too sudden. Before they could digest what was going on, all of the piranha foot soldiers were already on the ground, defeated.

“What the… hell…?â€

The two mysterious figures turn around and reveal their faces to Riku, who reacts in shock and disbelief.

“No way…!â€

Standing before the two Aquarians were two young men dressed in a similar fashion to Riku: one of them was wearing an olive green shirt with a khaki vest over it, army cargo pants and black boots, while the other was wearing an olive green sweatshirt, khaki three-quarter pants and green sneakers.

At that point, Juka could tell they were Aquarians from the Orca Family. However, she noticed Riku didn’t look thrilled at all to see them.

“Long time no see, Riku,†said the young man with the khaki vest, “It’s been almost, what, 13 years ago since we’ve talked?â€

“And you’re still hanging around that Sea Lion Family weakling.†snickered the young man with the sweatshirt.

Finally realizing who they were, Juka quickly sticks closely to Riku from behind, clinging onto his left arm.

“I see you both haven’t changed that much, Takuya, Kengo,†Riku frowned, “And what are you guys doing here? You know you’re not allowed to be on the surface world unless you’re Suiseigers.â€

“You should know that the rules don’t apply to us,†Takuya smirked.

“Yeah, and stop pretending to be a goodie two shoes,†Kengo mocked.

“Whatever, guys. I’m going to report to Neptune-sama about you two.â€

As they were leaving the area, Tatsunoko was watching them from a rooftop above. A sinister smile fills out his face.

“Excellent. Just as according to plan.â€


Youhei is sitting on the sands with a cup of coffee in his hand, staring into the horizons of the ocean ahead of him. The image of Shun carrying Megumi off into the distance permanently burnt into his brain like an incurable scar. The young man crushes the cup in until his hand was drenched in coffee.


A mysterious figure approaches the brooding young man from behind, to which he turns around to see who it is as he sensed its presence, only to see nothing was there. Youhei shrugs off the thought and turns back to look at the ocean again. At this moment, he sensed someone’s presence again. The young man scrambles up to his feet immediately and grab hold of a young woman’s forearm, who turned out to be Megumi herself.

“Ouch!†Megumi cried.

“Megumi…!†Youhei gasped.

Youhei quickly releases Megumi and takes a good look behind her before giving up. The young woman rubs her painful forearm with a displeased look.

“What gives?!â€

“Sorry, I thought… never mind. What are you doing here?â€

“You weren’t home, so I thought I’d come find you.â€


Youhei takes one more look at his surroundings before following Megumi back to the Takahashi Residence. The mysterious figure giggles sinisterly as he leaves the area.



Juka looks terribly frightened as she watches the young Aquarian and his former friends stare down each other’s throats, while on their way to Atlantis City.

“Aren’t I saying the truth?†Takuya smirked, “The reason you befriended that weakling in the first place was just to rid yourself of guilt.â€

“That’s not true!†Riku denied.

“What’s the matter?†Kengo teased, “Terrified that your past has finally caught up with you??â€

Before the youth could argue back, they were ambushed by Tatsunoko and an army of Pirahnaroids. Riku and Juka quickly switch into their fighting stances.

“Tatsunoko!†Riku snarled.

“SuiseiGreen,†Tatsunoko sneered, “This time, I will have my revenge for our last encounter!â€

“Heh, with four Aquarians including me this time, I don’t think so.â€

“Are you sure there’s four Aquarians on your side?â€

The young Aquarian didn’t understand what the humanoid seahorse meant, until to his horror, witnessed Takuya and Kengo moving over to the enemies’ side.

“Takuya, Kengo… you…!†Riku muttered.

“Sorry to disappoint you, Riku,†Takuya smirked, “But we don’t take a liking to people like you.â€

“Yeah,†Kengo agreed, “Besides, we’re sick of being the good guys. It’s not in our nature.â€

“What are you talking about… you’re both Aquarians!!â€

“And we’re sick of being goodie two shoes.â€

“Especially with people like you!â€

Takuya and Kengo’s bodies glow with a blinding green light. Next moment, they are seen donning armours similar to Bloodthirsty Kisame, only with an orca theme. Riku and Juka gasp at the unbelievable sight.

“HAHAHA!†Tatsunoko laughed, “This was a good plan, indeed.â€

“You…!†Riku snarled, “You corrupted them, didn’t you!!â€

“So what if I did? I knew I had to use your greatness weakness in order to defeat you!â€

“I won’t have any of it!â€

The young Aquarian pounces at the humanoid seahorse in attempt to strike him, only for his former lackeys to jump in the way and sending him back with their punches. Juka rushes over to the youth the moment he hits the ground.

“Riku!†Juka cried

“Urgh, I’m okay...†Riku said.

“You two,†Tatsunoko ordered, “Kill them both!â€

“With pleasure,†Takuya and Kengo smirked.

“Takuya… Kengo…â€

“Sorry, Riku, but this will be the end of the road for you.â€

Riku balls up his hand into a fist, clenching it angrily. As Juka is about to reach out her hand to him, the 19-year old throws his head up and screams his lungs out, frightening her in the process.

“Takuya… Kengo… even if… even if you’re both corrupted by Tatsunoko… what you did… what you did in the past… IS UNFORGIVABLE!!â€

“Die, Riku!!â€

The youth’s two former lackeys whip out their orca themed revolvers and fire away at the two Aquarians. At this moment, Riku and Juka insert their Aquatic Crystals into the Aquariser.

“Kaijuu Henshin!â€

An explosion occurs at their feet, but that didn’t stop them, as SuiseiGreen and SuiseiYellow leap through the smoke. Burning with anger inside, the green warrior dashes through the incoming blasts from Takuya and Kengo. The yellow warrior watches helplessly from behind.

“No way…†Takuya muttered.

“It’s like totally impossible to hit him…!†Kengo gasped.

“You’ve got to do better THAN THAT!!†SuiseiGreen cried.

SuiseiGreen leaps off the ground and lands a blow to his two former lackeys’ faces, knocking them both to the ground at the same time. Meanwhile, SuiseiYellow goes to confront Tatsunoko.

“Hmph,†Tatsunoko scoffed, “I’ve no time to deal with you. Piranharoids, get her!â€

The Piranharoids gang up on SuiseiYellow as Tatsunoko makes his exit. The 18-year old Aquarian summons her Ashika Gauntlet and upon wielding them, pounds her fist onto the ground, creating a shockwave.


At this moment, Takuya and Kengo deliver a double kick to the green warrior’s back, knocking him forward and landing fast first to the ground. SuiseiGreen punches the ground in anger and arms himself with his Orca Tonfa as he struggles up to his feet.

“Not yet… I’m not giving up just yet…!â€

“Persistent bastard!â€

Takuya and Kengo fire another round of shots into SuiseiGreen’s chest, knocking the green warrior to his knees. SuiseiYellow, who has just finished off the Piranharoids, attempts to run to his aid. However, SuiseiGreen lifts up his right hand, stopping the yellow warrior immediately. Then, he proceeds to get up to his feet again, tossing his Orca Tonfa aside at the same time.

“The hell is wrong with…?†Takuya muttered.

“I’m going to show you both…†SuiseiGreen said, “…how much I’ve changed… over the years… not only that… I’ll snap you both out of it… with my bare fists…â€

“SHUT UP!†Kengo cried.

The two Orca Family Aquarians fire one more round of shots at the green warrior, who effortlessly catches every bullet that were flying his way. SuiseiGreen then opens up both of his fists, dropping all the bullets that he caught, to Takuya and Kengo’s horror.

“Damn it…!â€

“My turn!â€

SuiseiGreen holds up his Aquatic Crystal and crushes it within his fist, causing it to glow and soon his fist was engulfed in green light. Next moment, the green warrior looks up and charges towards his two former lackeys, letting out an angry cry.

Takuya and Kengo try to stop him in his tracks by firing their revolvers, but to no avail. The green warrior delivers a roundhouse kick, kicking the revolvers out of their hands and prepares his glowing fist.

“Orca Slamming… PUNCH!â€

SuiseiGreen stretches out his arm and drives his glowing fist into the two Aquarians, sending them off their feet and crashing into a rock nearby. At this moment, a group of Aquarian soldiers appear at the scene, led by King Neptune himself.

“Neptune-sama!†SuiseiGreen and SuiseiYellow greeted.

“I’ll take it from here,†King Neptune smiled, “Good job, Riku.â€

“I was just… just doing what’s right.â€

“Bring these two troublemakers back. A lesson needs to be taught.â€

“Yes, sir!â€


Rei and the other Aquarians were sitting in the living room, when Riku and Juka walk through the front door.

“There you are!†Rei sighed, “Where have you two been?!â€

“We were just…†Juka started.

“We were just hanging out!†Riku interrupted, “Like what we always do, right Juka?â€

“Eh? Ah… un!â€

“Is dinner ready yet?â€

“Nope,†replied the university student, “But since you’re both finally back, I’ll start on it now. Hiro, Youhei, Megumi, help me out.â€

“Okay,†nodded the three Aquarians.

While sitting alone in the living room waiting for their dinner, Juka looks over at Riku, who looks a little worn out. She moves closer and pokes his cheek, startling the 19-year old.

“Are you okay?†she asked.

“Huh? Um, yeah, sure…†he forced a smile.

“You don’t have to keep blaming yourself, Riku.â€


“Whatever you did in the past… it’s already over… so-“

Riku cuddles Juka before she could finish, wrapping his arms tightly around the young girl. Surprised at first, the young girl returns the hug.

“Riku, promise me you won’t think about it again…?â€

“I… I promise…â€


Ending Theme: Sorairo Days by Nakagawa Shoko



A Pretty good look at Riku's past with this one. A little surprised he was a bit of a punk in his youth. And Youhei seems to be headed down a bit of a dark path so I can't wait to see where that's going to take him.

Kamen Rider Oni

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I liked this ep, interesting backstory bit for Riku and nice development between him and Juka too. Seems Youhei is going down a darker path too, or at least may be tempted by the darkside of the force, so-to-speak. :thumbs: Nice work, Jacky. :3


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WARNING! extremely explicit scenes included!

“You’ve just made the biggest mistake of your life, handsome,†Siren growled, “Mark my words. Next time, you’ll witness the true fear behind my powers.â€

“Well, I’m looking forward to it,†SuiseiBlue replied sarcastically.

“Heh… I already have a plan on how to defeat those pathetic Aquarians.â€


An evil smile comes across the seductress’ face.

Youhei clenches his fist as he watches Shun carrying Megumi out into the sunlight. At this moment, Siren is seen watching them from the shadows.

“So, that is what has been bothering SuiseiBlue lately,†Siren giggled, “How interesting.â€

Youhei quickly releases Megumi and takes a good look behind her before giving up. The young woman rubs her painful forearm with a displeased look.

“What gives?!â€

“Sorry, I thought… never mind. What are you doing here?â€

“You weren’t home, so I thought I’d come find you.â€


Youhei takes one more look at his surroundings before following Megumi back to the Takahashi Residence. The mysterious figure giggles sinisterly as he leaves the area.



Kaijuu Sentai Suiseiger

Opening Theme: Resonance by T.M. Revolution


Ocean 27: A Dangerous Seduction / 危険な誘惑

“Where the hell were you, Mei?!†Youhei questioned, “You didn’t go for training at all today!!â€

“Who needs training anyway?†Mei retorted, “I’m already well prepared to fight the Sea Demonians!â€

“Fine, we’ll see how you do. If you ever get in trouble with them, I won’t even bother to help you!â€

“That’s fine with me. Besides, I don’t even need Ani’s help in the first place!â€

“Pathetic Aquarian…†Siren snickered.

“No… please, don’t…!†Mei begged.




Youhei cries out to his deceased little sister’s name the moment he sprung up in bed, covered in cold sweat and gasping. The young man rushes to the bathroom, turns on the tap and wets his face immediately while the water is running. Then, he turns off the tap and looks up to see his reflection in the mirror, only to see Siren standing behind him. Youhei gasps and whirls around, but nobody was there.

“What… what the hell…?â€

A few hours later, Rei and the Aquarians are at the table having breakfast, when Youhei comes down the stairs and takes his seat in between Hiro and Riku. He noticed Megumi was nowhere to be seen, but remained quiet.

“Morning, Youhei,†Rei smiled, “It’s rare to see you up this late.â€

“I couldn’t sleep well last night,†Youhei replied, “Had a… never mind.â€

“If you’re wondering about Megumi,†Riku said, “She went back to Atlantis City again to check on Shun.â€

“There’s definitely something going on between those two,†Juka giggled.

“I never thought Shun would have feelings for Megumi, especially,†Hiro grinned.

At this moment, Youhei punches the table angrily, causing everyone to jump.

“I’m going out for a walk.â€

The young man gets up from his seat and hurries out the door. Hiro and Juka exchange worried looks.


Siren watches Youhei from her personal lair with delight, when Tatsunoko comes storming through her door, killing the smirk on her face.

“What is it now, Tatsunoko?â€

“Why aren’t you doing anything now?! You said you had a plan on defeating the Suiseigers.â€

“I am doing something now, are you blind? Besides, if you want me to carry out my plans… it requires a lot of patience.â€

“I’m afraid I don’t understand.â€

“As you can see, my primary target is SuiseiBlue, but I can’t strike immediately. The best time to tackle your enemies is when their… mental guard is down.â€

“Your point being?â€

“SuiseiBlue is jealous of SuiseiPink and SuiseiSilver’s relationship. Heh, he’s rendering himself vulnerable without realizing it…â€

“So… what is my position in this plan of yours?â€

“That’s simple. You will distract the Suiseigers while I’m busy dealing with SuiseiBlue.â€


Megumi is at the infirmary shack once again, this time sharing an intimate moment with Shun as he kisses her passionately while holding the young woman in his arms. He proceeds to undress her, until she stops him.

“I’m sorry...†Megumi apologized, “I just… I just can’t do this right now…â€

“Is something bothering you?†Shun asked.

“It’s about Youhei…â€

“Oh, him…â€

“He’s been acting so strange lately and I’m worried that he might do something stupid again like the last time… ah, I’m sorry… I shouldn’t be mentioning him in front of you…â€

“That’s fine. Besides, I’m sure he’s wise enough to look out for himself now anyway.â€

“I… I guess you’re right…â€

Shun chuckles and kisses Megumi again, before undressing her and sitting her on his lap, with her back facing him. Then, he fondles her breasts lovingly and works his way down to her thighs, before working his way back up again afterwards.


“Don’t say a word...â€

The young man then makes the young woman face him this time, holding her firmly by her upper back and waist. Megumi starts breathing heavily as Shun makes love to her sensuously in the next moment.

“You belong to me and only me, Megumi…â€


Youhei was sitting at Starbucks Coffee, with a cup of coffee in his hands. He gulps it down in one shot and slams it onto the table, causing the other few cups of coffee to drop off the edge. The young man quickly makes his way out of the café when the other customers started giving looks.

“What does Megumi see in that guy?†Youhei wondered, “He’s nothing more than a mortal enemy to the team!â€

“Argh, monster!!†screamed a voice.

The 23-year old Aquarian turns to see Siren leading an army of Piranharoids, scaring away the citizens who were in the area.


“Well, well, isn’t it a surprise to run into you, handsome?â€

“I’d say it was perfect timing. This time, you’ll pay for killing my little sister!â€

“Oh please, still going on about that dead girl?â€


Youhei screams his lung out angrily, before charging towards the seductress and the piranha foot soldiers.


Hiro, Riku and Juka make their way into another area of the city, where Tatsunoko and his own group of Piranharoids were causing havoc.

“Tatsunoko!†Riku snarled, “Still haven’t had enough yet?!â€

“That’s right,†Tatsunoko replied, “I won’t rest until you’re dead! Piranharoids, take care of SuiseiRed and SuiseiYellow. This one’s mine!â€

“Everyone, let’s henshin!†Hiro declared.

“OH!†said Riku and Juka in unison.

The piranha foot soldiers hurl a blast towards the Aquarians, causing the ground in front of them to explode.

“Kaijuu Henshin!â€


Once the smoke cleared, SuiseiRed, SuiseiGreen and SuiseiYellow are seen standing in a row.

“The Serpent Aquatic Warrior,†SuiseiRed announced. He does a low leap and lands in a low crouch, with his left arm imitating a serpent’s body shape and his right arm at his waist, “SuiseiRed,†followed by straightening up, “Hiro!â€

“The Orca Aquatic Warrior,†SuiseiGreen pronounced. He stomps the ground twice with his left foot and got down on one knee, slamming the ground with his right palm, “SuiseiGreen,†and gets up rubbing the nose part of his helmet with his left thumb, “Riku!â€

“The Sea Lion Aquatic Warrior,†SuiseiYellow exclaimed. She brushes the sands on the ground to the sides with both foot quickly, “SuiseiYellow,†and punches her right fist into her left palm, “Juka!â€

“Protecting the surface from the depths of the sea!†declared the red warrior, “Kaijuu Sentai...â€


SuiseiGreen removes the Aqua Blaster from his holster and shoots his way through the incoming Piranharoids, making his way towards Tatsunoko, while SuiseiRed and SuiseiYellow handle the piranha foot soldiers behind him. The humanoid seahorse draws out his rapier to deflect the green warrior’s incoming shots and attempts to jab him in the chest, only for SuiseiGreen to evade by spinning away. The green warrior then puts away his Aqua Blaster and summons his Orca Tonfa.

“I see you’ve improved, SuiseiGreen.â€

“I’m no longer as weak as the last time we’ve fought.â€

“Then, this should be an interesting battle!â€

Tatsunoko brandishes his rapier towards SuiseiGreen, but the Aquarian manages to catch the blade in between his tonfas. However, this gave the humanoid seahorse the chance to send his foot into his gut, causing the green warrior to stagger a few steps away. SuiseiGreen clenches his weapons angrily, before executing a jump slash attack.



Youhei knocks down the last Piranharoid with a flying knee kick, but is immediately sent to the ground by a blast from Siren. The young man is about to recover when the seductress hurls another blast.

“Kaijuu Henshin!â€


SuiseiBlue jumps through the flames once the ground exploded, to Siren’s surprise.

“The Swordfish Aquatic Warrior,†SuiseiBlue declared. He does a few piercing-like gestures with his arms and points his right arm outright, “SuiseiBlue,†and he stands up with his arms folded, “Youhei!â€

“You can’t defeat me on your own, handsome.â€

“We’ll see.â€

Siren’s smile dies immediately and she whips out her musical harp, sending a wave of musical blast beam at SuiseiBlue, who deflects the attack with his Kajiki Sword. The blue warrior charges towards the seductress and delivers a jump slash attack, only for her to block the blade with her musical harp. Then, she executes another musical blast beam into his chest, sending the blue warrior flying across the battle field.

“Didn’t I say you can’t defeat me on your own?â€

“It’s not like you’ve won the battle!â€

SuiseiBlue jumps to his feet and removes the Aqua Blaster from his holster and loads his Aquatic Crystal into the chamber.

“Kajiki Tamashii Bomber! Kajiki Slash Beam!â€

The blue warrior fires Swordfish Spirit and hurls a blue beam towards the seductress at the same time, who attempts to block both attacks with her musical harp, only for the impact to smash it into pieces.


Siren screams in agony at the sight of her destroyed musical harp, causing her body to go through a transformation. Her mermaid tail splits into tentacles and a pair of horns pokes out from her skull. Her beautiful face has also turned into a demonish look and her hands are almost claw-like. The seductress now wields a spear in place of a musical harp.

“What the hell…?†SuiseiBlue muttered.

“Behold my second, more powerful form… Scylla!†she declared, “You will have a taste of my wrath for destroying my beloved harp!!â€

Scylla hurls her tentacles at SuiseiBlue, using every one of them to jab him violently in the chest, before slapping him and sending him flying through a mountain of crates and into an empty warehouse.


“So, now you know… now you know my true powers!â€

“Your so-called true powers… mean nothing to me…!â€

SuiseiBlue struggles up to his feet and repeats the same double attack he did before. Unfortunately, Scylla deflects both attacks with her spear without breaking a sweat, before knocking both weapons off the blue warrior’s hands with a beam from her spear. The blue warrior attempts to retrieve his fallen weapons, until the seductress grabs him and lifts him off the ground by the arms and legs with her tentacles.

“I don’t think so, handsome!â€

Scylla slashes SuiseiBlue all over the chest with her spear until his suit deactivates, reverting him back to Youhei, who is now covered in cuts and bruises, and slams him onto the ground hard, knocking the young man unconscious.

“That is what happens when you cross a woman, handsome.â€

With her tentacles still wrapped around his arms and legs, Scylla holds Youhei firmly in place and rips his clothes apart with her spear, smiling delightfully at the result afterwards.



SuiseiRed, SuiseiGreen and SuiseiYellow are sent to the ground by a blast from Tatsunoko, who laughs at the sight of their defeat.

“Looks like you’re weak when there’s a lack of members! Now DIE!!â€

At this moment, an explosion occurs at his feet and the humanoid seahorse collapses to the ground as well. When Tatsunoko turn to see who it was, SuiseiPink and SuiseiSilver were seen walking towards them.

“The traitor and his girlfriend,†he snickered, “How pleasant…â€

“Disappear, Tatsunoko,†Shun frowned, “You’ve already caused enough trouble.â€

“Heh, I could say the same for you… but now that you’re all gathered here, I guess this is where I make my exit.â€

“Wait, you…!â€

The humanoid seahorse then vanishes behind a cloud of smoke before the silver warrior could tackle him. Meanwhile, the other Suiseigers reunite with SuiseiPink.

“Sorry that I’m late,†SuiseiPink apologized.

“Don’t worry about it,†SuiseiRed exclaimed.

“Wait a minute… where’s Youhei…?â€

“Youhei? I thought he was going to get you from Atlantis City??â€

“No, I didn’t see him there.â€

“Strange… he must’ve gone somewhere to be alone.â€


Youhei opens his eyes to an unfamiliar ceiling. He observes his surroundings, which was a room entirely coloured blue. There were no windows or decorations on the wall, but there was a door at the other end. Then, the young man slowly sits up and discovers he was lying naked on top of a king-sized bed covered in blue silk surrounded with candle lights. His Aquatic Crystal and Aquariser were even missing.

“What the hell…?â€

At this moment, a pair of feminine arms wrap around him from behind. It was Siren, who is now naked as well. Youhei tries to retaliate, but he couldn’t move a muscle.

“I can’t move…!†he gasped.

“Don’t even bother trying,†Siren warned, “I control your every actions in this room. See that harp there?â€

A harp is seen placed at one corner in the room, with the strings playing a tune on its own.

“Where am I? What are you planning to do with me?!â€

“That doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re finally mine, handsome.â€

“What have you done to my clothes? And where are my Aquatic Crystal and Aquariser?!â€

“You ask too many questions, don’t you? Well, words are useless anyway…â€

Siren holds Youhei by wrapping her right arm around his shoulder, while she slowly works her way down his body with her left hand.

“What… what are you…!â€

“Relax, handsome… soon, you will beg for more…â€

The seductress slips her left hand in between the young man’s legs and he starts gasping as she massages that area in a slow, passionate manner.

“I know you’re hurt…†Siren whispered into Youhei’s ear, “Hurt to see SuiseiPink betray you for SuiseiSilver… but not to worry… I’ll shower you with my love…â€

“You… you don’t know anything… about love…†Youhei exclaimed.

“Oh, but I do…â€


Siren was already massaging the area in between Youhei’s legs in a rough yet sensuous manner and stops immediately when the young man runs out of breath. The seductress giggles evilly and proceeds to caress his body. The young man twitches uncomfortably at every touch.

“Such beautiful muscles… I’ve never seen a delicious Aquarian like you before...â€

“You… you won’t be able to… enjoy it any longer… once I… get out of here…â€

The seductress giggles at his remark and lays him down onto the bed, getting on top of him.

“Get out of here? I don’t think so.â€

Youhei clenches the silky bed sheet as Siren kisses her way down his chest, abs and finally, the area in between his legs once again. The young man grunts in pain as she sucks and kisses that area, struggling restlessly. Then, she works her way back up his abs, chest and neck.

“No, stop…!â€

“Don’t resist it, handsome…â€

âI won’t give in…!â€

“Oh, you will…â€

Siren holds him firmly by the shoulder and neck, before leaning in for a kiss. Youhei soon feels as if he was drugged the moment their lips touch and he stopped struggling. While they are sharing a sensuous kiss, the seductress’s mermaid tail splits into tentacles and wraps them around his waist and legs.


Youhei breaks the kiss immediately as he feels a crucial pain in between his legs. It was Siren making love to the young man through the tentacles and injecting mysterious substances into his body at the same time.

“Stop… STOP!!â€

“Don’t resist it, handsome. Soon the pain will turn into pleasure!â€

The 23-year old Aquarian screams in agony once the injection process is complete, leaving him covered in sweat, as well as gasping and breathing heavily. Siren smiles and kisses him again. After a moment, she runs her fingers through his hair and watches as the mysterious substances take effect.

“I’ve injected parts of me into you and that means you now belong to me. Your mind, your body… everything… you will do my bidding and you won’t be able to disobey.â€

“Yes… Siren… sama…â€

Siren giggles evilly upon hearing Youhei’s reply.


Ending Theme: Sorairo Days by Nakagawa Shoko


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Another good episode, and this one was definitely rated mature. XD Got see how close Megumi and Shun became, and Siren's plan is certainly taking an effect. Shall be interesting to see where things go from here now that Blue has turned a darker shade, as it were. :thumbs:


Yeah definitely more on the mature side but it should be interesting to see where Youhei's story line takes him from here and how it effects the others.


The new thread is deleted, as per Jacky's rquest so I'm bumping up the this one so people can see it easily.


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hey guys!! it's been 5-6 years since I last posted a new episode but I thought I'd drop by for the first time in I dunno gawd how long to say that Suiseiger isn't dead. I know most of you think it is but it's not. Suiseiger has been my best work out of all the fanfics I've written since my teenage days. but because it is my best work, I haven't been able to move on from continuing it. in fact I've already lost count of all the endless ideas I've given up on :p I have since graduated college and started working (or adulting if I may) so sadly I haven't had any motivation to even start on the next episode.

nevertheless, I'd like to thank all my readers in the past 9 years for the positive feedback since I posted the first episode. I dunno if you guys still come on here but no, I've not given up watching Sentai or Toku in general. I hope to continue Suiseiger one day. OH and I updated the first post. now my characters are no longer portrayed by any actors, heh.

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