Kaijuu Sentai Suiseiger / Sea Beasts Task Force Suiseiger / 海獣戦隊スイセイジャー

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Mar 16, 2006

600,000 years ago, a race of people known as Aquarians, humans born with natural aqualungs, built an underwater city known as Atlantis City, which is located on the back of a turtle. When a group of pirates, led by Davy Stone plans to flood the surface world, a group of five youngsters ascend from the ocean to protect the humans living above them.


A group of Aquarians who uses the Aquatic Crystals, inherited from their respective families, to transform into Aquatic Warriors known as Suiseigers.

Hiro/SuiseiRed (ヒロ/スイセイレッド)
22 years old. Hiro is a man with a strong sense of justice who loves all aquatic living beings. He is known to be courageous and gives no reason for aiding anybody weaker than him. Hiro is also a born leader, as he originates from the Serpent Family, a group of Aquarians with renowned leadership and the ability to control the Serpent Spirit.

Youhei/SuiseiBlue (ヨウヘイ/スイセイブルー)
23 years old. Youhei is the oldest and wisest member. He is a self-righteous Aquarian who is also a competent fighter on the battlefield, often preferring to fight without a companion. Youhei is like most Aquarians from the Swordfish Family, known for their arrogant and lonely nature, as well as the ability to channel the Swordfish Spirit.

Riku/SuiseiGreen (リク/スイセイグーリン)
19 years old. Riku is a youth who loves performing extreme water stunts. He is a bright and optimistic youth who also hates being treated like a baby. Riku is a descendent of the Orca Family, which their Aquarians are known to be cheerful, optimistic and energetic. He is also good friends with fellow member, Juka.

Juka/SuiseiYellow (ジュカ/スイセイイエロー)
18 years old. Juka is the introverted youngest member. She is always thinking of others rather than herself, thus willing to sacrifice herself for another person’s life. Juka comes from the Sea Lion Family, where their Aquarians are selfless, timid and thoughtful, as well as being good friends with Aquarians from the Orca Family.

Megumi/SuiseiPink (メグミ/スイセイピンク)
21 years old. Megumi is the mother figure of the group who enjoys collecting seashells. She is caring, nurturing and kindhearted, often trying to make sure her teammates get along with each other. Megumi is an Aquarian from the Jellyfish Family, known for their heart of gold and motherly nature, as well as possession of the Jellyfish Spirit.

Shun/SuiseiSilver (シュン/スイセイシルバー)
22 years old. Shun, formerly known as Bloodthirsty Kisame, is the sixth Suiseiger. He was born a hybrid to a Sea Demonian father and an Aquarian mother. However, he was raised by Davy Stone to believe that the Aquarians killed his parents, thus his rampage on the Suiseigers. It was Megumi who helped him discover the truth behind his parents’ death. Shun possesses the Purified White Shark Spirit as SuiseiSilver, whose attacks are still based on bloodlust and rage.


Takahashi Rei (高橋 玲)
20 years old. Rei is a first year university student who has been researching on the existence of Atlantis City and the Aquarians since her childhood. Her deceased father was part of a group of archaeologists on the search for Atlantis City, but died during the excavation. It was none other than fate when she chances upon the Suiseigers.

Takahashi Ken & Takahashi Yasuko (高橋 健・高橋安子)
Rei’s parents, her deceased father is an archeologist while her widowed mother’s current occupation still remains a mystery. Yasuko was at odds with Rei at first, but after attempting to rescue her daughter, she finally comes into good terms with her.

Pochama (ポチャマ)
A robotic penguin who is the Suiseigers’ pet. He is witty and adorable, as well as being under Juka’s care. It also plays a role as the team cannon.

King Neptune (キング・ネプチューン)
A thousand-year old sea god who is also the wise leader of Atlantis City. King Neptune was the one who guided the first batch of Aquarians 600,000 years ago and was the founder of Atlantis City. He assembled a team of Suiseigers to be sent to the surface, until the current five stowed away. Nevertheless, he still provides them with advices and assistance. He is often addressed as Neptune-sama by his people.

Queen Salacia (クイーン・サラシア)
A thousand-year old sea goddess who also happens to be King Neptune’s beloved wife. Unlike her husband who watches over the Aquarians in Atlantis City, she guards the Sacred Grounds of the Aquarians, where deceased Aquarians reside, as well as the Sea Beast Spirits. Highly respected by the female Aquarians, she is often addressed as Salacia-sama.

Hiro’s Father (ヒロの父親)
A former commander of the Serpent Family, Hiro’s father died sacrificing himself by throwing himself and his own incarnation of Suisei Serpent at Kraken during the Atlantis-Sunken War. While nothing much is known about him, he is a loving father towards Hiro.

Juka’s Parents (ジュカの両親)
Two of the most renowned Aquarians in the Sea Lion Family, Juka’s parents died fighting Davy Stone in the Atlantis-Sunken War. It is shown through flashbacks that they’ve been strict towards Juka, but when they appear to her in the form of spirits, they were shown to be loving parents.

Megumi’s Father (メグミの父親)
A soldier of the Jellyfish Family who is also Megumi’s estranged father, causing a strain in the relationship between him and his family, though he does show a sense of guilt. He didn’t trust Shun at first, due to his relation to the first Bloodthirsty Kisame, but after realizing the young man’s feelings for his daughter, he finally comes to acknowledge him as an Aquarian.

Bloodthirsty Kisame #1 & Erika (初代の残虐な鬼鮫・エリカ)
An elite soldier tasked to assassinate Aquarians, Kisame was to kill King Neptune. However, his defeat at the hands of the Sea God made him redraw from the Atlantis-Sunken War immediately, to which most Aquarians declared dead. While severely injured, he was tended to by Erika, an Aquarian from the Dolphin Family. The two eventually fell in love and gave birth to their only son, Shun. Unfortunately, their happiness was cut short when Davy Stone discovered their whereabouts, murdering both lovers and raised their son to become the second Bloodthirsty Kisame.

Mei (メイ)
Youhei’s little sister. Like her brother and other Aquarians of the Swordfish Family, she’s arrogant and confident of her own skills. However, she was killed mercilessly by Siren during the Atlantis-Sunken War, which leads to a rivalry between the latter and Youhei. She’s supposedly the same age as Juka.

Takuya & Kengo (タクヤ・ケンゴ)
Riku's former lackeys who are also Aquarians of the Orca Family. Unlike Riku who has turned over a new leaf from his bullying days, Takuya and Kengo still go around picking on weaker Aquarians, especially the Sea Lion Family, which made them vulnerable enough to be corrupted by Tatsunoko.

Professor Sakana-kun (さかなくん博士)
Rei’s trusty professor at Hasegawa University. He is always seen with a fish hat on his head and has a vast knowledge regarding the marine biology. The Aquarians would have died from Davy Stone’s deadly poison if it weren’t for his antidote. Professor Sakana-kun is portrayed by himself.

Tendou Misaki (天道美咲)
18 years old. Misaki is a hardworking youth who, unlike her fellow schoolmates, got into the prestigious school with good grades instead of buying her way through the entrance examinations. She falls in love with Riku at first sight.


Aquariser (アクアライザー)
A wristlet worn by the Aquarians after turning 18 years old. It is used to release the sea beast spirits from the user’s Aquatic Crystals to transform into Suiseiger. It also has communication functions. The voice command for transformation is Kaijuu Henshin.

Aquatic Crystals (アクアティッククリスタル)
An item owned by all Aquarians with their respective sea beast spirit laying dormant within it. It is inserted into the Aquariser to transform into Suiseiger. It can also be used to summon the user’s sea beast spirit from within for battle assistance, as well as summoning its mecha form.

White Shark Crystal (シロザメクリスタル)
Shun’s personal Aquatic Crystal, which was created along with his Aquariser when his White Shark Spirit was purified. It is the most powerful Aquatic Crystal within the team.

Aqua Blaster (アクアブラスター)
A standard sidearm for the Suiseigers. It can shoot out a powerful burst of water energy at its targets. The Aquatic Crystals are inserted to execute a sea beast powered shot.

Serpent Harpoon (サーペントハープーン)
A long range weapon wielded by SuiseiRed, where he can execute the Serpent Pierce finisher.

Kajiki Sword (カジキソード)
A fencing sword wielded by SuiseiBlue, where he can deliver the Kajiki Slash finisher.

Orca Tonfa (オルカトンファ)
Twin blade tonfas wielded by SuiseiGreen, where he can perform the Orca Cutter finisher.

Ashika Gauntlet (アシカガントレット)
Protective gloves wielded by SuiseiYellow, where she can use the Ashika Punch finisher.

Kurage Whip (クラゲウイプ)
A long whip wielded by SuiseiPink, where she can perform the Kurage Whiplash finisher.

Shirozame Pike (シロザメパイク)
A spear wielded by SuiseiSilver, where he can execute the Shirozame Straight finisher.

Penguin Bazooka (ペンギンバズーカ)
The team’s bazooka which is Pochama’s secondary form. It freezes its target with the Freezing Shot before completely destroying it with the Iceberg Bomber finisher.


Suisei Serpent (スイセイサーペント)
Piloted by SuiseiRed. Suisei Serpent has a long and strong body which it can use to crush its enemies. It provides the legs for SuiseiKing.

Suisei Kajiki (スイセイカジキ)
Piloted by SuiseiBlue. Suisei Kajiki can penetrate through anything with its piercing nose. It is the left arm for SuiseiKing, as well as providing its main weapon, Suiseiken.

Suisei Orca (スイセイオルカ)
Piloted by SuiseiGreen. Suisei Orca can perform a powerful body slam. It forms the main body of SuiseiKing.

Suisei Ashika (スイセイアシカ)
Piloted by SuiseiYellow. Suisei Ashika is able to juggle its enemies and put them out of place. It is the right arm for SuiseiKing.

Suisei Kurage (スイセイクラゲ)
Piloted by SuiseiPink. Suisei Kurage stuns its enemies with its powerful sting. It forms the head for SuiseiKing.

SuiseiKing (スイセイキング)
The combination of the team’s sea beasts. It is known as the King of the Sea. Its finisher is called Kaijuugiri.


The Sea Demons, like the Aquarians, are a group of humans born with natural aqualungs. However, they oppose the idea of protecting the humans living above them. Instead, they plan to conquer those humans by flooding the surface world. While Aquarians transform into Suiseigers, the Sea Demonians transform into Piranharoids. They live in the ruins of Sunken City.

Poisonous Davy Stone (有毒なデビー・ストーン)
A humanoid stone fish who was once a best friend of King Neptune. Davy Stone is the leader of the Sea Demons. The difference between him and King Neptune causes a strain in their friendship, until it turns them into arch nemesis. Davy Stone also once loved a human from the surface world, but was badly betrayed, thus resulting in him stabbing his own heart out and locking it away inside a treasure chest.

Knowledgeable Tatsunoko (聡明なタツノコ)
A humanoid seahorse who is the advisor. Tatsunoko, as his name justifies, is an intellectual Sea Demonian, often spending his time inside his library and providing evil schemes to Davy Stone, due to the fact that he is not a very good combatant on the battlefield. However, he is an excellent strategist and once successfully led the Sea Demonian army into Atlantis City during the Atlantis-Sunken war.

Bewitching Siren (魅惑的なセイレン)
Davy Stone’s right hand woman. Siren is a seductress who uses her enchanting song to lure her enemies into her deadly trap. While Tatsunoko has successfully led the Sea Demonian army into Atlantis City during the Atlantis-Sunken war, Siren has successfully lured many male Aquarians with her song and killing thousands of them. She despises both female Aquarians and humans for their beauty.

Bloodthirsty Kisame (残虐な鬼鮫)
A mysterious elite soldier who dons an armour similar to the Piranharoids, though his resembles that of the fearsome Great White Shark. He possesses the Corrupted White Shark Spirit and wields the Shark Club. Hungered with revenge on the Aquarians for killing his parents, he is sent by Davy Stone to kill the Suiseigers. He attacks his enemies based on bloodlust and rage.

Piranharoids (ピラニアロイド)
Sea Demonian foot soldiers. Unlike Suiseigers, all Sea Demonians possess the same spirit, which is the Piranha Spirit. Their standard weapon is the Piranha Dagger. Like their namesake, the Piranharoids have deadly bites.


Episode List:

Ocean 01: Appearance of the Sea People / 海人の出現
Ocean 02: Coincidental Meeting / 偶然の出会い
Ocean 03: Isolated World / 孤立の世界
Ocean 04: I Am Righteous! / 俺は正しい!
Ocean 05: If I Was Someone's Mother... / 誰かのお母さんだったら…
Ocean 06: The Strength of Youth / 青春の強さ
Ocean 07: The Young Girl's Power, Revealed! / 閃いた、乙女の力!
Ocean 08: Father's Memories / 父の思い出
Ocean 09: A Foreboding Battle / 戦いの予感
Ocean 10: Enter The Cheerful Penguin! / 快活のペンギン、登場!
Ocean 11: I'll Always Be By Your Side! / きっと君のそばに!
Ocean 12: The Sea Demon Ministers, Bicker?! / 海鬼大臣たち、もめる?!
Ocean 13: Feelings Towards Little Sister / 妹への気持ち
Ocean 14: A Forgotten Gloomy Past / 忘れた陰気な過去
Ocean 15: I Wanna Be Stronger Too! / 僕も強くなりたい!
Ocean 16: The Giant Sea Demon Appears! / 巨大な海鬼が現れる!
Ocean 17: The King of the Ocean / 海の王者
Ocean 18: A New Nemesis / 新たな宿敵
Ocean 19: He's Not Evil! / 彼は邪悪じゃない!
Ocean 20: Kisame's True Identity / 鬼鮫の正体
Ocean 21: The White Shark Aquatic Warrior / シロザメの水生戦士
Ocean 22: Summer Aquarians / サマー水生人
Ocean 23: White Shark's Summon Sealed / 封印されたシロザメ召喚
Ocean 24: Kisame Revives?! / 鬼鮫が復活?!
Ocean 25: White Shark's Summon Unseals! / シロザメ召喚が開封!
Ocean 26: Bad Friends' True Intentions / 悪友の本意
Ocean 27: A Dangerous Seduction / 危険な誘惑
Ocean 28: SuiseiBlue is the Enemy?! / スイセイブルーが敵?!
Ocean 29: Megumi's Determination / メグミの決心 *subject to change*
Ocean 30: The Crisis of Triton City / トリトン・シティの危機 *subject to change*
Ocean 31: The Hunter of the Ocean / 海の狩猟 *subject to change*
Ocean 32: The Revamped Sea Demon Ministers / 改良された海鬼大臣たち *subject to change*
Ocean 33: Papa and Mama are Alive?! / パパとママが生きている?! *subject to change*
Ocean 34: It Started From a Fateful Encounter / 運命の出会いから始まった *subject to change*
Ocean 35: Hiro and Juka's Love Once Again / ヒロとジュカの愛、再び *subject to change*

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Feb 16, 2006
Interesting choice for the mechs. I feel the character dynamic is somewhat standard but if you feel comfortable with that then by all means go for it.


Looking good so far, I like that the heroes and villains come from the same place
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Mar 16, 2006
At the beach, a woman places a straw mat on the sandy ground. She applies some sun block cream, before lying down for a sun bath. Suddenly, somebody blocks out the sunlight. The woman frowns.

“Excuse me, you’re blocking my-… AHHHH!â€

Standing before her are a group of men dressed in piranha styled armour. They whip out their daggers and attempts to stab the woman, but she rolls out of the way and frantically makes a run for it. However, she is intercepted by another group of the piranha styled armoured men.

“Somebody…†she muttered, “…somebody please help!!â€

They are about to stab her once again as they lift their daggers up into the air.

“Stop right there, Piranharoids!†cried a voice.

The Piranharoids whirl around to see a young man with black hair standing before them, dressed in a red hoodie, dark blue jeans and black sneakers. The piranha foot soldiers are caught by surprise when they spot the necklace he is wearing.

“That crystal…†a Pirahnaroid muttered, “You must be an Aquarian!â€

“As an Aquarian,†declared the young man, “It’s my duty to eliminate any of Davy Stone’s minions!â€

“Damn you…!â€

“I won’t allow you Sea Demonians to flood the humans’ beloved home world!â€

The young man prepares his wristlet, followed by snapping off his necklace from around his neck. Then, he inserts the crystal into the wristlet and it glowed with a red light.

“Kaijuu Henshin!â€

He does a half crouch, before straightening himself up and bringing his wristlet to the side of his face, pushing the button on the device.




Kaijuu Sentai Suiseiger

Opening Theme: Colours of the Heart by UVERworld


Ocean 01: Appearance of the Sea People / 海人の出現


The young man’s body is engulfed with red light, which blinds the Piranharoids. When the light dies down, they open their eyes to see a red warrior standing in the young man’s position.

“That form… could it be…!â€

“I’m the Serpent Aquatic Warrior, SuiseiRed, Hiro!â€

“SuiseiRed, you say?!†a Piranharoid exclaimed, “So the Aquarians also have the ability to transform using the Sea Beast Spirit?!â€

“Even if we do,†SuiseiRed retorted, “We’re not to be compared to scumbags like you. Using the Sea Beast Spirit to harm humans… that is unforgivable!â€

“WHAT DID YOU SAY! You dare to insult us Sea Demonians!! You shall be executed!!!â€

“The ones who should be executed is you!â€

The angered Piranharoids charge towards SuiseiRed and brandish their Piranha Daggers. SuiseiRed gives the sand below him and blinds the Piranharoids momentarily. When they look up, he was already out of sight.

“Where did he go?!†a Piranharoid growled.

Suddenly, a Piranharoid is gunned down from a shot behind. The piranha foot soldiers whirl around to see the red warrior charging towards them, while firing away with his Aqua Blaster.


SuiseiRed kicks off the ground and jump kicks two Piranharoids in the face. Once his feet touch the ground, he guns down five more Piranharoids who were surrounding him for a closer kill. He pauses for a moment and all the piranha foot soldiers collapse to the ground, before bursting into flames.


The red warrior holsters his gun and gets up. Then, he helps the woman up to her feet. She gives her thanks, before running off. As he is about to leave the beach, a mysterious figure appears behind him. SuiseiRed reacts with a fighting stance.

“Damn you, Aquarian…†it growled.



The Aquarians are shown living a civilized life: young children playing water sports like “water soccer†etc; male Aquarians patrolling the streets and keeping the order of the citizens in place; female Aquarians providing education to the young children and provisions to the soldiers.

Watching them proudly from the palace tower is their sea god, King Neptune, who has provided words of wisdom to his people since day one. He is approached by an Aquarian soldier, who bows before him.

“Neptune-sama,†said the Aquarian soldier, “They’ve already gathered in the grand hall.â€

“Good, good,†Neptune smiled.

Inside the grand hall, thousands of young Aquarians are chatting among themselves, except for one young girl. She is dressed in a yellow sea lion printed T-shirt, torn faded hot pants and brown boots, with her hair tied into a ponytail. The timid young girl sits at a corner and watches her fellow Aquarians chatting happily.

When King Neptune makes his appearance, everybody gets into position. The young girl stands in the row at the end of the grand hall, with her head lowered.

“I’m sure you all know why you’re here today,†said the sea god, “Today is the day where you youngsters will gain new responsibilities as Aquarians.â€

The Aquarian soldier snaps his fingers and a wristlet solidifies around the young Aquarians’ left wrists. They wowed at their new accessory.

“These are the Aquarisers,†King Neptune explained, “No doubt, you all have heard of it from your respective families. Now that you all have obtained it, you now hold the responsibility of protecting all aquatic beings, as well as the humans above us, as Aquatic Warriors.â€

While the young Aquarians are happily admiring the Aquarisers, King Neptune eyes the young girl. He descends from the balcony above them and approaches her, with the youngsters watching. The young girl’s head remains lowered, shivering in fear. The sea god reacts with a warm smile.

“I almost didn’t see you there, Juka,†said King Neptune gently, “I thought you weren’t going to show up.â€

Juka is still shivering with her head still lowered. She grips her Aquariser tightly with her right hand, holding it close to her chest. King Neptune chuckles and places his right hand on the young girl’s head, followed by rubbing it lovingly.

“Don’t be afraid, my dear child,†he advised, “Fear will only lead you down the path of darkness. Take your time to get used to this new responsibility. I know there is a certain someone who is always there for you.â€

The sea god does a quick rub to her cheek, before dismissing all the young Aquarians in the grand hall. At this moment, Juka finally looks up and watches King Neptune disappearing into the hallway. A satisfied, relieved smile appears on her face.


Outside the palace in the market place, a youth dressed in different shades of green T-shirt, khaki ¾ pants and green Converse, is seen riding on a gliding surfboard, which he almost knocks down a few Aquarians shopping in that area. He crashes into a pile of hermit crab shells as Juka emerges from the palace grounds.

“OW!†cried the youth.

A young woman appears and screams at the sight of her fallen seashells, which caught the crowd’s attention. Juka quickly runs to the youth’s aid.

“Riku, are you alright?â€

“Yeah, I’m fine,†Riku dusted himself, “Just a small scratch.â€

“Just a small scratch for you,†the young woman scolded, “What about my shells?!â€

“I’m sorry for what happened, Megumi,†Juka apologized, “I’ll help you pile them back neatly!â€

“Why are you apologizing to me?†Megumi lifted an eyebrow, “He should be the one apologizing to me and piling them back into place!â€

“Why should I apologize when I didn’t do it on purpose?!â€

An Aquarian, who was patrolling the market place, takes note of the argument and approaches them.

“What’s going on around here?†he questioned sternly.

Megumi quickly moves to his side when she sees his face.

“You’re just in time, Youhei,†she said, “He crashed into my shop, messed up my stuff and refused to apologize!â€

Youhei takes a look at Riku, before looking at the surfboard lying on the ground not far from where he is standing. The 23-year old Aquarian picks up the surfboard and looks at the 19-year old.

“Surfboarding around the market place is prohibited,†he declared, “You should know the rules.â€

“It’s not Riku’s fault,†Juka exclaimed, “I told him to come pick me up from the palace on the surfboard.â€

“Juka,†Megumi sighed, “Stop trying to stand up for Riku. I know you members from the Sea Lion Family are considerate towards others, but seriously, he should be held responsible this time.â€

“Come with me,†Youhei ordered Riku.



A humanoid seahorse, with a book in his hands, and a woman with gigantic angel wings, holding a musical harp, approach a half destroyed throne at the end of a half destroyed ballroom. They kneel down before the mysterious figure sitting on the throne.

“Knowledgeable Tatsunoko at your service, my Lord,†said the humanoid seahorse.

“Bewitching Siren, ready to serve you,†said the woman.

The mysterious figure gets up from his throne and steps down the small flight of stairs, standing a few meters from his two servants.

“I heard an Aquarian followed the Piranharoids to the surface,†said the mysterious figure with a coarse voice, “How is that possible?â€

“Not to worry, Davy Stone-sama,†Tatsunoko exclaimed, “I’ve already sent a Sea Demonian after him.â€

The camera finally shows Davy Stone’s appearance. His human body is partly mutated into body parts of a stonefish, as well as his face.

“Good, that was what I wanted to hear,†Davy Stone sneered, “Neptune, that idiot, is always trying to make himself look like he’s the righteous one. Well, I’ll show him that we have the right to rule over those filthy humans!â€

“This is going to be interesting…†Siren muttered with a smile.


Riku is sitting in the waiting room in the patrol station, shaking his leg out of boredom and his arms folded. Youhei locks away the surfboard and goes up to the youth.

“I’ll confiscate your surfboard for now,†Youhei declared, “And as for the punishment, you’ll be helping Megumi out at the marketplace.â€

“You must be joking!†Riku argued, “There’s no way I’ll do such a job, especially something that involves hermit crab shells!â€

“You don’t expect Juka to do it for you, do you?â€

Back at the marketplace, Juka is stacking back the fallen hermit crab shells for Megumi, who is watching her with misbelieve. The guys reappear not long after. Megumi stops Juka and the young girl gets up. Riku looks at the shells hesitantly.

Suddenly, all the Aquarians are heading towards the palace. The four youngsters watch with confusion, until Riku grabs a hold of his fellow Orca Family Aquarian.

“What’s going on?†he asked.

“Neptune-sama has something important to announce,†replied the Aquarian, “He wants all of us to be there!â€

Inside the palace grand hall, the four youngsters split up and gather into their respective families. Then, King Neptune appears on the balcony and the Aquarians greet him with a bow.

“My children,†said the sea god, “I have some shocking news to deliver. It seems Davy Stone has finally invaded the surface world.â€

The Aquarians start gossiping among themselves, while the four youngsters react with shocked, but determined expressions on their faces.

“Therefore, I’m sending five Aquarians to the surface world to stop his minions. I’ve already decided who will go, so if you’re not chosen, I’m terribly sorry.â€

A four split screen shows Youhei, Riku, Juka and Megumi sneaking off while King Neptune is announcing the five chosen Aquarians’ names.



Sparks burst out from SuiseiRed’s chest while he is sent flying through the air. He hits into a coconut tree and falls to the ground on his stomach. The mysterious figure from before is revealed as Ebi Kaikijin, who laughs at him.

“You can’t defeat me, Aquarian!â€

“We’ll see… about that…!â€

SuiseiRed scoops a handful of sand and tosses it towards Ebi Kaikijin, blinding him for a moment. Then, the red warrior gets up and delivers a kick into his chest, sending him flying a few meters away. He removes Aqua Blaster from his holster and charges towards the lobster Sea Demonian.

Ebi Kaikijin shoots out a few blasts from his mouth, causing SuiseiRed to stop halfway in his tracks. This gave the lobster Sea Demonian the upperhand, as he grabs hold of the red warrior’s neck and pummels his other claw into his gut, causing him to drop his Aqua Blaster.


Youhei sneaks around the corner, before entering the chamber. He looks up to see a giant glowing orb hanging above him.

“That must be it…†he muttered, “…the gateway to the surface world…â€

The 23-year old hears footsteps from behind and whirls around. He sighs with relief when it is Riku and Juka.

“Whoa,†Riku wowed, “The gateway looks awesome, right Juka?â€

“Un!†Juka nodded.

“What are you kids doing here?†Youhei sighed.

“Going to the surface world of course,†said the 19-year old, “And we’re not kids!â€

“You both are still not experienced enough, its best for you to turn back.â€

“What did you say?!â€

“But I’m determined to go!†Juka declared, “I may have just received my Aquariser, but I can’t just stay here and let Davy Stone harm the humans!â€

At this moment, Megumi appears behind Youhei.

“I’m not letting you guys have all the fun.â€

“We’re not going on a field trip,†Youhei exclaimed.

“I was just joking,†Megumi rolled her eyes.

“Quit talking,†said Riku, “Let’s get going!â€

Just then, a passing by Aquarian soldier spotted the four youngsters.

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing here?!â€

“Ah, we’re spotted!†Juka gasped.

“Hurry, use your Aquatic Crystals!â€

The four youngsters snap off their necklaces from their necks and point it towards the glowing orb above them. In a flash, their bodies ascend before the Aquarian soldier could stop them. After they disappeared, the soldier hurries back to the palace.

King Neptune is having a briefing with the five chosen Aquarians, when the Aquarian soldier bursts into the room.

“Neptune-sama!†he cried, “My apologies for interrupting, but four other Aquarians have already ascended to the surface world!â€

“Name them,†King Neptune ordered.

“Youhei of the Swordfish Family, Riku of the Orca Family, Juka of the Sea Lion Family and Megumi of the Jellyfish Family.â€

A serious expression is displayed on the sea god’s face.


A light flashes at a beach and the four youngsters land on the sand. They struggle up to their feet and brush the sand off their apparels. Riku gets excited when he looks around his surroundings.

“So this is the surface world?†Juka wowed, “It looks beautiful…â€

“It certainly looks different from how Neptune-sama described it,†Megumi commented.

“Save the admiration for later,†said Youhei sternly, “We have to search for Davy Stone’s minions, eliminate them, and go home.â€

“Who ever said you were going to be the leader?†Riku questioned.

“I’ll the eldest, so I should be the one leading.â€

“Oh yeah? Well, I’m the strongest, so I should lead!â€

“Why you little…â€

Juka and Megumi get in between the two guys, preventing them from exchanging possible punches.

“Stop it, both of you!â€

“This is not the time to be arguing!â€

Suddenly, their Aquatic Crystals emit a glow, causing them to stop their argument immediately. Riku and Juka frown with confusion, while Youhei and Megumi exchange a certain look.

“This glow…†Megumi muttered.

“What?†Riku blinked, “What does it mean??â€

“It means a Sea Demonian is not far,†Youhei explained, “Let’s go.â€



An explosion occurs around SuiseiRed. When the red warrior hits the ground, he reverts back to Hiro. Ebi Kaikijin laughs maniacally at the young man’s defeat, sharpening his claws while approaching him.

“It’s over now, Aquarian,†said the lobster Sea Demonian, “Your life ends here. How unfortunate to die so far from home.â€

“There’s no way…†Hiro struggled, “…I’m going to… give up… this soon…â€

The lobster Sea Demonian points his claw at the young man’s neck, who starts breathing heavily.

“Farewell, Aquarian…â€

Ebi Klifts his claw and is about to throw it down onto Hiro.

“If you think you can defeat one Aquarian, why not try defeating four Aquarians?â€

The lobster Sea Demonian stops his gesture and whirls around to see the four Aquarians standing in a row behind him. Hiro takes this chance to leap over Ebi Kaikijin’s head and reunite with his fellow Aquarians.

“So there’s five of you now?!†Ebi Kaikijin exclaimed.

“You bet,†Hiro retorted, “And this time, you’re going to be the one dying here!â€

“Damn you…!â€

“Everyone, let’s henshin!â€


A five split screen shows the five youngsters snapping their necklaces off their necks, followed by inserting their Aquatic Crystals into the Aquariser. Then, they do a half crouch before straightening themselves up and bringing their wristlets to the side of their faces, pushing the button on the device.

“Kaijuu Henshin!â€


Ending Theme: To All Tha Dreamers by SOUL’d OUT



Nice beginning, it looks like a couple of the guys in the group don't get along. But I have to wonder if Neptune was going to originally pick any of them though.
May 12, 2008
I like it that the grunts talk...it's a while since i've seen grunts talk...usually it's the monster that talks.

Nice beginning.
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Mar 16, 2006
The lobster Sea Demonian points his claw at the young man’s neck, who starts breathing heavily.

“Farewell, Aquarian…â€

Ebi Kaikijin lifts his claw and is about to throw it down onto Hiro.

“If you think you can defeat one Aquarian, why not try defeating four Aquarians?â€

The lobster Sea Demonian stops his gesture and whirls around to see the four Aquarians standing in a row behind him. Hiro takes this chance to leap over Ebi Kaikijin’s head and reunite with his fellow Aquarians.

“So there’s five of you now?!†Ebi Kaikijin exclaimed.

“You bet,†Hiro retorted, “And this time, you’re going to be the one dying here!â€

“Damn you…!â€

“Everyone, let’s henshin!â€


A five split screen shows the five youngsters snapping their necklaces off their necks, followed by inserting their Aquatic Crystals into the Aquariser. Then, they do a half crouch before straightening themselves up and bringing their wristlets to the side of their faces, pushing the button on the device.

“Kaijuu Henshin!â€



Kaijuu Sentai Suiseiger

Opening Theme: Colours of the Heart by UVERworld


Ocean 02: Coincidental Meeting / 偶然の出会い


A huge tsunami is brought by their Sea Beasts, each letting out a cry. The tsunami smashes into its respective hosts, flooding the background. When they leap out of the water, they land on a narrow cliff in their Suiseiger forms.

A serpent’s cry is heard in the background.

“The Serpent Aquatic Warrior,†SuiseiRed announced. He does a low leap and lands in a low crouch, with his left arm imitating a serpent’s body shape and his right arm at his waist, “SuiseiRed,†followed by straightening up, “Hiro!â€

A swordfish’s cry is heard in the background.

“The Swordfish Aquatic Warrior,†SuiseiBlue declared. He does a few piercing-like gestures with his arms and points his right arm outright, “SuiseiBlue,†and he stands up with his arms folded, “Youhei!â€

An orca’s cry is heard in the background.

“The Orca Aquatic Warrior,†SuiseiGreen pronounced. He stomps the ground twice with his left foot and got down on one knee, slamming the ground with his right palm, “SuiseiGreen,†and gets up rubbing the nose part of his helmet with his left thumb, “Riku!â€

A sea lion’s cry is heard in the background.

“The Sea Lion Aquatic Warrior,†SuiseiYellow exclaimed. She brushes the sands on the ground to the sides with both foot quickly, “SuiseiYellow,†and punches her right fist into her left palm, “Juka!â€

A jellyfish’s cry is heard in the background.

“The Jellyfish Aquatic Warrior,†SuiseiPink cried. She performs a circular movement with her arms, followed by forming an M shape with her arms, “SuiseiPink,†and holds her right fist up, “Megumi!â€

“Protecting the surface from the depths of the sea!†declared the red warrior, “Kaijuu Sentai...â€


“Even if there’s five of you now,†said Ebi Kaikijin, “I’ll still win!â€

“No, I’ll win this fight,†SuiseiBlue mocked, “I’ll take you down!â€

“Stop trying to take all the credit,†SuiseiGreen shot, “I’ll be the one taking him down since I’m the strongest!â€

“Zip it, kid!â€

“You zip it!â€

The lobster Sea Demonian takes this chance to blast both SuiseiBlue and SuiseiGreen down. They collapse to the ground, groaning in pain. SuiseiPink, who was behind them, steps up.

“Boys...†sighed the pink warrior, “Let me show you how a girl does it!â€

SuiseiPink removes her Aqua Blaster from her holster and dashes towards Ebi Kaikijin, who tries to attack her by swinging his claws blindlessly. However, the pink warrior dodges every attack with agility, flexiblity and grace. Then, she takes a leap back and fires a shot into the lobster Sea Demonian’s chest, who staggers a few steps back.

SuiseiBlue and SuiseiGreen are taken aback by how she easily throws an attack at the Sea Demonian. SuiseiPink lowers her weapon and turns to SuiseiYellow.

“Juka, you’re up!â€


SuiseiYellow runs pass her three comrades and delivers a heavy punch into Ebi Kaikijin’s face, who clutches his face in pain and swings his other arm, but the yellow warrior grabs it and puts the lobster Sea Demonian into an arm lock.

“AHHH!†Ebi Kaikijin screamed.

“Hiro,†SuiseiYellow shouted, “Now’s the chance!â€

SuiseiRed nods and takes a step forward, but immediately falls to his knees, clutching his gut in pain. Ebi Kaikijin, aware of this, shoves SuiseiYellow off and charges towards the red warrior.

“Hiro!†gasped the girls.

“DIE!†cursed the lobster Sea Demonian.

However, SuiseiBlue and SuiseiGreen grab Ebi Kaikijin by each arm, pushing him away. SuiseiYellow and SuiseiPink quickly rush to SuiseiRed’s aid.

“Hiro,†said the pink warrior, “Are you okay?â€

“Yeah, I’m fine...†he nodded.

“What’s wrong?†asked the yellow warrior.

“It’s just a scratch, nothing serious.â€

After a long struggle, the lobster Sea Demonian tosses both Aquatic Warriors into the air. While still in midair, SuiseiBlue and SuiseiGreen remove their Aqua Blasters from their holsters, sending a double shot at Ebi Kaikijin.


SuiseiRed finally gets back up.

“Let’s finish him!†he cried.


The Suiseigers open Aqua Blaster’s chamber and inserts their respective Aquatic Crystals into it, slapping it back into place and a sound is heard. At the same moment, Ebi Kaikijin struggles up to his feet.

“Damn... damn you, Aquarians...!†he cursed.

“Aqua Blaster!†SuiseiRed cried.

“Kaijuu Tamashii Bomber!†cried the team in unison.

The spirits of the five Sea Beasts shot out from the Aqua Blasters and pierce through the lobster Sea Demonian’s body, destroying him into bits. They spin their guns and holster them away, before SuiseiGreen and SuiseiYellow exchange high fives.


“WHAT!†Davy Stone roared, “How is that possible?!â€

Tatsunoko and Siren’s heads remain lowered, not wanting to say anything to elevate their master’s anger. The humanoid stonefish grabs one of his wine glasses and tosses it into the wall behind his servants.

“I want another Sea Demonian!†he demanded, “I want those damned Aquarians dead!!â€

“Y-yes, my Lord,†Tatsunoko bowed, “As you wish...â€


The team gathers underneath a coconut tree, with Hiro sitting against it. He lifts his red sweater to reveal a huge bruise on his gut. Juka covers her mouth in shock.

“That must have hurt,†said Riku with an uncomfortable face, “It looks nasty...â€

“I’m sure he has had it worst,†Youhei exclaimed.

The 22-year old laughs sheepishly, but calms down when the pain strikes back. The 17-year old grips his left arm worriedly. Megumi thinks for a moment and takes off her necklace, pointing her Aquatic Crystal at the bruise.

“Jellyfish Family’s Aquatic Crystals are known for healing,†she explained, “I think this would work...â€

A young woman is seen reading a book on Atlantis City, while walking along the beach, until she saw Megumi treating Hiro. A pink glow is seen and the bruise on the young man’s gut slowly fades away, to her amazement.


“It worked!†Juka cheered.

“That should do it,†Megumi smiled.


Startled, the team whirls around to see the young woman standing there, with her eyes widened. They look at her suspiciously.

“Ah, I haven’t self introduced,†said the young woman, “I’m Takahashi Rei! You guys must be... Aquarians right?â€

Youhei and Riku go into a fighting stance, while Juka and Megumi shields Hiro. Rei holds up both hands and backs away, dropping her book. The two guys step forth, while Juka picks up the book and looks at it with an unsure face.

“Who are you?†Youhei questioned, “Why do you know who we are?â€

“Uh, well... I...†Rei stammered.

“You must be a Sea Demonian in disguise!†Riku exclaimed, “There’s no doubt about it!!â€

“I’m... I’m not...!â€

“What’s this?†Juka wondered.

“Ah, that’s my book,†said the young woman, “It’s my reading material...â€

Megumi takes the book from Juka and flips through it, the others gather around her to see its contents.

“It seems to be talking about Atlantis City!†said Megumi.

“You’re right...†Riku’s eyes widened.

“Where did you get this?†Youhei questioned again.

“I wrote it, of course,†Rei replied, “I’m a university student researching on the existence of Atlantis City and its inhabitants, the Aquarians.â€

“You seem to know too much...†Hiro muttered.

“That cannot be allowed,†added the eldest Aquarian, “Humans knowing of our existence. It would endanger the lives of our people!â€

“But, I still don’t get it,†said the youngest Aquarian, “What’s a university?â€

There is a long silence, until Rei breaks it.

“THE POINT IS! I’m not a Sea Demonian or whatsoever!!â€

“I don’t know,†Hiro folded his arms, “But I do agree with Youhei about humans’ knowledge of our existence. It’ll definitely endanger our people’s lives.â€

“Un,†Megumi nodded, “Definitely.â€

“So... you’ll kill me?†Rei asked.

“Killing a human is against our principle,†Youhei exclaimed, “However, we’ll have to escort you to Atlantis City and let Neptune-sama decide what to do with you.â€

A group of Piranharoids are actually watching the five youngsters and the young woman from their hiding places in the area.

“Do... do what...?†Rei gulped.

“Something awful!†Riku answered and Juka nodded.

The eldest Aquarian is about to grab the university student towards the ocean, but he stops immediately in his tracks, sensing the piranha foot soldiers’ presence. He whirls around and points at a spot.


The Piranharoids reveal themselves by jumping out of their hiding places, whipping out their Piranha Daggers. Rei collapses to the ground in shock, while the Aquarians go into their fighting stances.

“Davy Stone-sama would like a word with that girl,†said a Piranharoid, “After all, she does have enough knowledge of Atlantis City for Davy Stone-sama to know about!â€

“As if we’ll allow you to take her!†Riku retorted, “You Sea Demonians have caused enough trouble!â€


“Men...†Megumi sighed, “Always stubborn as usual.â€

“Let’s go!†Hiro cried.


Hiro kicks a pile of sand into the Piranharoids, blinding them. He proceeds to deliver a drop punch at a foot soldier, causing him to fall over onto his comrade and they collapse like a line of dominos.

Youhei dodges when a Piranharoid brandishes his dagger at him. The eldest Aquarian grabs the foot soldier’s arm and knocks the weapon out of his hand by the coconut tree, followed by flipping the foot soldier to the ground and stomping onto his chest.

Riku rams a Piranharoid to the ground, rolling away to safety when another Piranharoid attempts to stab him. He grabs a rock nearby and tosses it at the foot soldier, knocking him out cold.

Juka ducks and two Piranharoids, who were charging towards her from both directions, slam into each other. She delivers a side kick to a foot soldier’s cheek, spins around and slaps him in the same spot, flooring him.

Megumi slaps a Piranharoid on both cheeks simultaneously, before punching him in the gut. When another Piranharoid creeps up on her, she ducks and does a roundhouse kick, flooring him.

“This is NOT happening,†said the university student with misbelieve, “I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming!â€

Suddenly, a blast interrupts the battle between the Aquarians and the Piranharoids. Hiro looks up to see Lingcod Kaikijin making his entrance into the battlefield.


Davy Stone watches with delight from his throne. He gets up excitedly and approaches the floating water screen.

“Yes, Lingcod Kaikijin,†he sneered, “Bring me that girl! I need her knowledge!!â€


“Another Sea Demonian?!†said a shocked Riku.

“It looks like Davy Stone isn’t giving up,†Youhei exclaimed.

“Men are really stubborn,†Megumi sighed.

“No time to waste,†Hiro advised, “Let’s henshin!â€


A five split screen shows the five youngsters snapping their necklaces off their necks, followed by inserting their Aquatic Crystals into the Aquariser. Then, they do a half crouch before straightening themselves up and bringing their wristlets to the side of their faces, pushing the button on the device.

“Kaijuu Henshin!â€


Five coloured auroras engulf their bodies and they transform into Suiseigers immediately.

“They... they can do that...?†Rei wowed.

“Let’s do it!†SuiseiRed declared.


The five coloured warriors charge towards the lingcod Sea Demonian, delivering a punch. However, Lingcod Kaikijin twirls around, striking everybody in the chest and they stagger away from him.

“Gah...†SuiseiGreen punched the ground, “This guy’s tougher than I thought!â€

“What shall we do, Hiro?†asked SuiseiYellow.

“Close range attacks are useless at this point,†SuiseiRed said, “Let’s use long range attacks against him by using the Aqua Blasters!â€

Everybody nodded and removes their Aqua Blasters from their holsters, followed by inserting their Aquatic Crystals into its chamber.

“Kajiki Shot!â€

“Kurage Shot!â€

SuiseiBlue and SuiseiPink fire their Aqua Blasters at Lingcod Kaikijin. Kajiki Tamashii and Kurage Tamashii shot out from the barrels respectively. The swordfish spirit stabs through the lingcod Sea Demonian’s flesh, while the jellyfish spirit stings him.

“Orca Shot!â€

“Ashika Shot!â€

Orca Tamashii and Ashika Tamashii shot out from SuiseiGreen and SuiseiYellow’s Aqua Blasters. The sea lion spirit juggles Lingcod Kaikijin on its nose and tosses him towards the orca spirit, which delivers a body slam.

“Serpent Shot!â€

Serpent Tamashii bursts out of SuiseiRed’s Aqua Blaster and wraps itself around Lingcod Kaikijin’s body, crushing him at the same time.

“Everyone,†SuiseiRed shouted, “Now’s the chance!â€

The blue, green, yellow and pink warriors reunite, aiming their Aqua Blasters at the trapped lingcod Sea Demonian.

“Kaijuu Tamashii Bomber!â€

Their Sea Beast Spirits shot out from their Aqua Blasters once again, ramming into Lingcod Kaikijin’s body and he is sent flying back into the ocean, causing a huge gust of water to burst out seconds later.

“That’s for trying to mess with us!†said SuiseiGreen.

Rei cheers for their victory, which catches SuiseiBlue’s attention. He turns and approaches the young woman once again, grabbing her right arm.
hat the interruption is taken care of,†he said, “You’re coming with us to Atlantis City.â€

“There is no way I’m going!†Rei shoved him off, “I haven’t done anything evil to you five to even get a punishment from King Neptune!â€

“Well, you know a lot about us and our world,†SuiseiPink retorted, “We don’t even know if you’re going to inform your fellow humans about it.â€

“We can’t let that happen!†SuiseiYellow exclaimed, “I don’t want to see our people getting harmed!â€


The five warriors drag Rei towards the ocean, when Lingcod Kaikijin leaps out and bashes through the team. Their suits deactivate and the five youngsters collapse to the ground, with a severe scratch mark on part of their bodies: Hiro’s gut, Youhei’s right hand, Riku’s left arm, Juka’s neck and Megumi’s left thigh.

“Guys!†Rei cried.

“You shall come with me now,†Lingcod Kaikijin sneered.


Ending Theme: To All Tha Dreamers by SOUL’d OUT