Kaiju no Kami Reviews - Neo Ultra Q (20130) Series and Blu-Ray

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In 2013, Tsuburaya revisited their pre-Ultraman roots with a new 12-episode series titled Neo Ultra Q. Neo Ultra Q acts as a direct sequel to the original show by focusing on a set of individual stories that have little to no continuity with each other. How does Neo Ultra Q compare to its half century old predecessor? Watch to find out.


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Not surprised you came to the conclusions you did. Between Ultraseven X and Ultraman X Tsubaraya was in the middle of financial difficulty (hence why Ultra Galaxy was mostly monster suit recycling and after that just movies and Retsuden). The reason is supposedly them still fighting legal battles with Chaiyo in the courts and losing in Thailand at one point. You're going to see a lot of budget withheld in Ultramn Ginga for that reason although thanks to Ginga making money they were able to make a somewhat proper series with Ginga S. Personally I thought rock demon guy didn't go far after his episode since the previous episode everything on Earth was wiped clean so it balanced out! I also think that the last episode kind of led to the events of Ultra Galaxy, humans have extended life spans which would be good for science and technology, thus extending to the stars and Ultra Galaxy takes place centuries after Mebius.

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The budgets have nothing to do with my issues though. It's how the episodes lacked any sort of conclusion. Most of them felt like production had been stopped before they could film a proper ending. Some of them made no sense narratively, like the one with the perfume. Like how the hell did this woman start up a company that became an instant success over night? One episode has the living spaceship orb thing telling Jin he will come back to Earth to deal with him, but the next episode has absolutely nothing to do with that plot.

I've watched Ginga back on Crunchyroll and yeah, I hated the first season. It's going to be such a joy to revisit that show in the next week or so. -_- At least it's only 12 episodes and then I'll have the second season to look forward to.