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In a world where dating sims are growing in popularity, specifically the off-kilter variety where you’re dating turkeys or talking potatoes or whatever, the only surprising thing about Kaichu: The Kaiju Dating Sim is that it didn’t happen earlier. A game where you’re a hundred-foot-tall monster and looking for love from other hundred-foot-tall monsters? We already have a dating sim about Colonel Sanders from KFC; what took this one so long?
In Kaichu you are Gigachu, the radioactive dinosaur. Rampaging monsters don’t come from nowhere; they must be born through sexual reproduction, and thusly you must go through the age-old dance of courtship. Potential mates include the “sentient, voluptuous volcano vixen Tephra” and “the enormous flexing fowl Garudan.” There are six dateable monsters in the game and over two dozen unique locations for potential dates to occur. Millions of people happen to live around those places but who cares?
Throughout the game, the actions of yourself and...

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Black Shroud

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This makes me don't want to live in this planet anymore. Most dating sims have sex and sex with Kaijus is the last visual I want in my head.

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Different Strokes for Different Folks, I can't wait to romance Mothra, I always have a thing for bug girls.

The Zyborg

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Monsters are sexy! Look how popular Lady Dimitrescu is. Dating Kaiju is untested waters but I am willing to swim on that. I played a dating sim with bodybuilding grandmas as the dateable characters so there is no more taboo for me when it comes to dating sims.