Juuken Sentai Gekiranger - Talk Up! [Spoilers]


I'm so pumped up for Geki. Been looking forward for this for a while. Best thing is that Geki starts at the begining of Spring Break, Who hoo!
YES! I can't wait...


^did I spell that right?

And I gotta say... Boukenger/Gekiranger had the best hand-over thus far. Kept it simple. Kept it cool. And watching Bouken Red walk into the shadows like that makes me sad that Boukenger is over although I didn't watch it.


Sad, sad.

But Gekiranger looks more fun. I couldn't get through 20 episodes of Bouken sadly. Another Sentai that tired me before the end.


Give me shirtless Jan!

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I doubt it will be. It looks much better than Gao. But the "Boy raised in the Jungle" is textbook Cole Evans/Wild Force.

I take it in promo 4 at the end is GekiRed's voice?. What ever happed to having a Hero with a manly voice?. lol.


Bitting a panda o_O Okaaaay.

Yup, I'm sure Jan will be the Sentai Cole. Just hope he dosen't become on the Annoying/immature level with Ban and Kai.

How were Gaored and HurricaneRed compared to those 2.


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Gaored was mature and he was also a vetenarian so he knew when to be annoying and when to be "leader". He was mostly "leader".

But... Hurricane Red was like beginning of the end.




:laugh: We'll see. Filadelfo has snipers at the ready though.

You're right though. We really need male leads with manly voices. I'm a guy, but I find Akashi's voice sexy, and I bet he got a lot of female fans for Boukenger just with that. He has charisma too. In fact, he's an awesome Red. He can be serious and he can joke, he isn't serious to the point that his team is in fear of him. He's their good friend and they joke with him, but they are serious when the time arises. That's why I don't get why some people bash on Akashi for allowing his team members to play around with him.