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I've always been a great Justin Timberlake fan, from the time he was a little Disney boy to his current music; I'm a JT fan all the way. When Justin Bieber came along I was quite impressed. For a long time I wondered why so many people hated him and wouldn't give him a chance. Now I'm not so sure about him. There are so many young singers out there who are just as good and who don't headline the tabloids for bad behavior. Maybe I'd feel differently if I was a teenage girl! What's your take on the Justins?


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My daughter is 8 and she loves Justin Bieber. I think the only song I really like by him is "As Long As You Love Me", other than that I'm not really impressed either. He is an okay entertainer. Now Justin Timberlake is great. I might think that because I'm a fan and grew up listening to N'SYNC and Backstreet Boys. I love his songs and his performances. When N'SYNC came out on the MTV awards earlier this year I was so geeked.


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There is a big difference between JT and JB, JT had history with nsync like poster above said and he has also managed to behaviour himself compared to JB who seems to want to show everyone that he's grown. I'm a grown women with children and my children don't listen to him there more Pink fans:)
I didn't care much for Timberlake during his early days. He was part of the saturated boy band craze and my reaction was "eh..." He wasn't a bad singer, but it felt like he was squandering himself on a short-sighted career.

Years later, he grew up and now my reaction is "Wow!" This guy can both sing and act! He made quite a turnaround long after the boy bands died off.

Justin Bieber... I really don't like his voice. I'm sure he's a nice guy in person, but man, that voice...


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I love Justin Timberlake so much even back when he was in NSYNC. I have all their albums and to this day, I can still sing along to all of them. I think that JT is absolutely a talented artist. Justin Bieber I have to say that he can definitely hold a note and well, he's got charisma which is so important when you plan to have a popstar career. I got nothing against him because I still think he can sing and make good music.


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Justin Timberlake has really grown away from the stigma of being a teenage star and is now respected among men and women alike, a bit like DiCaprio.
As for Bieber, well, that kid is a meltdown of epic proportions waiting to happen.


He seems to be a good actor and a good dancer, but I can't stand his music. Hurts my ears, makes me trip on my walker to turn it off :p


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Justin Bieber's recent behaviour really baffles me. It seems like he transformed overnight from a loveable crooner to a confused bad boy. His antics seem a little bit too odd to be publicity stunts.

I think the pressure from his career and his break up with Selena Gomez unhinged him a little bit. He should be careful though, sometimes when you fall off, you can't quite get back. Look at Britney, Lindsay Lohan. Once famous now nobody cares about them or their careers.