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I've seen Gavan, Sharivan, Shaider, and Spielban. Gavan to me was okay. Sharivan was good. Shaider was awesome. And Spielban was cool.

I've yet to watch Juspion. And I've been wondering what it's like compared to the other four shows. Many have told me that it's epic.

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Juspion complete kills the Sheriffs in terms of fight scenes and storyline and we all know how badass the Shaider storyline ended up being.

Madgarren is probally one of the coolest villians and his fights with Juspion are memorable as hell.

WATCH this series if you ever get the chance to.

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Absolutely fantastic. Might not be as story-oriented as Speilban was but it's a great wacky awesome show and you'd do yourself a disservice not to watch it.

It basically took all the stuff the Space Sheriff trilogy did, took a new spin on it, added a mecha (which wasn't used too much but wasn't just thrown in there for toys) and has overall enjoyable likable main heroes and villains.

Check it out as soon as you can, you won't regret it.

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I'm thinking maybe they wanted to make a new Trilogy starting with Juspion and Spielban's designs were meant to have some resemblance but then they scrapped the plans last minute.

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Rather glad they did. I can understand wanting things to look the same, but those two designs just seemed a little too close for comfort, even more so than ZO and J did in Kamen Rider.

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Actually I still sometimes **** up ZO and J since they look so similar.

But the absolute worst is Ultraman & Zoffy, for me anyway.

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But the absolute worst is Ultraman & Zoffy, for me anyway.
That shouldn't fall in the worst catogary, for its quite simple to tell them apart, since Zoffy has those accomplishment medals/beads on his chest and arms, unlike UMan (unless you're refering to Ultraman and Jack, then I would understand the slight confusion). I still think J is the most lazyly-designed, especially coming right after ZO.

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These are all of the similar looking heroes that confuse alot of fans.
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You forgot these two grandpas. :laugh:


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I can tell them apart but yeah, at first those took some time aswell.

God, the pot in the '70s musta' been so much stronger.
I just watched the first 20 eps of Juspion. Gotta say, it's really epic! I love the characters, the fight scenes, the music, and the overall setting! I thought it was really cool how the series starts off with them not even being there on Earth, until ep 4. Juspion also has plenty of over-arching stories to keep itself busy. And they're all pretty good!

My thoughts for the other Space Sheriff style shows:

Gavan: I thought this show was cool. But it tended to move rather slowly. So it was just okay for me.

Sharivan: I think this was the most well made of the Space Sheriff Trilogy. Definitely better than Gavan imo.

Shaider: I personally liked Shaider the best in the trilogy. Just because I felt like it was the most creative out of the three. It was the only season of the trilogy where I loved the villains (especially Poe). And it was cool to get to see the female partner (Annie) actually get to kick some butt for once. And I just loved the overall setting of Space Sheriff mixed in with Incan style cultures. Plus, Shaider was just one fun acid ride. :D I also loved how Shaider had a bit more of an over-arching story compared to it's predecessors.

Juspion: So far, I feel like Juspion is an upgraded version of the Space Sheriffs in just about every way. It's not as acid-like as Shaider was, but still tons of crazy fun.

Spielban: To me, Juspion and Spielban feel like Yin and Yang. Spielban is Yin (Dark) for his black armor. Spielban has a lot of intense drama. Whereas Juspion is Yang (Light) for his white armor. Juspion is the lighter half, and is lots of fun and energetic.

Thank you so much everyone for your input. :D

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Part of what really made me love the final episodes of Gavan was seeing Sony Chiba as his father (now that is a nice pay off) and the way they actually introduced Den and set him up to be the next guy stationed on earth.


I personally wasn't the biggest fan of the series, but it definitely had an interesting villain in Megallen.

And random question, any idea why Juspion himself and Speilban look so alike?

I stole this segment from grnrngr.com :

"Part 1: The Space Sheriff Series
0. Introduction
1. Space Sheriff Gavan (1982-83)
2. Space Sheriff Sharivan (1983-84)
3. Space Sheriff Shaider (1984-85)

Part 2: Alien Metal Heroes
4. Megabeast Special Investigation Juspion (1985-86)
5. Dimensional Warrior Spielban (1986-87)

Part 3: Robot Metal Heroes
6. Super Man Machine Metalder (1987-88)
7. Mobile Detective Jiban (1989-90)

Part 4: Rescue Metal Heroes (coming December 1995?)
8. Special Police Winspector (1990-91; a.k.a. Special Rescue
9. Special Rescue Command Solbrain (1991-92; a.k.a. Super
10. Special Investigation Exceedraft (1992-93; a.k.a. Special

Part 5: Miscellaneous Metal Heroes (coming December 1995?)
11. Special Investigation Robo Janperson (1993-94)
12. Blue SWAT (1994-95)
13. Heavy Armor Beetle Fighter (1995-96; a.k.a. Beefighter)

Juspion and Speilban have a similar premise, so the suite design appears to be similar in the some way the Space Sheriffs share similarities.

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Yup! Saw the finale! It was really cool. Though it was still hard having to sit through 40 eps just to get there. :p

Yep it was a bit of a misson. On the bright side it numbed all feeling of hatred I could have had for the reusing of vehicle footage. I expected it to continue at that point so I accepted it rather than wanted to spit at my dvd player.

Part of what really made me love the final episodes of Gavan was seeing Sony Chiba as his father (now that is a nice pay off) and the way they actually introduced Den and set him up to be the next guy stationed on earth.

Hell yea'. I remember thinking how awesome it was to have the next hero introduced early on in the first series and then later again with his armor. Pretty good stuff.

I still sorta wish we got that with Shaider & Sharivan rather than the lame Trilogy special.

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