Juri Han and Kimberly revealed for Street Fighter 6


Juri Han, The first female villain in Street Fighter history, made her debut in Street Fighter IV. She became such a big fan favorite that the only Street Fighter 4 character who returned as playable in Street Fighter V is her. In Street Fighter V, she became less of a villain and more of an Anti-hero.
Something I notice with Juri’s new model changes in her proportions; She is Flat Chested in Street Fighter 4, then became busty in Street Fighter V, and now she got reduction again. I guess she realizes that silicone implants are not for her.
I guess now that M.Bison, who murdered her parents, is dead, she has no more reason to be vengeful. She still maintained her sadistic and playful behavior. The psychotic Taekwondo master from Korea is back for the third game in a row. She is now a legacy character for Street Fighter 6.
Juri Han reveal trailer

Kimberly, a new face, also joined the...

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People are already comparing Kimberly to Isla because they utilize spray paint on their fighting style but they are two different characters. I don't see them as the same.


I am glad to finally see a Dark skinned black woman in Street Fighter because the past black ladies this game have, Laura and Elena have light skin. I mean Elena is from Kenya yet a Kardashian sister is more darker skinned than her. I am so finally happy to see an Ebony goddess like Kimberly in the game. She also looks cool.

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She took the kids Ryu
Goddamn, the hip sway and feet clutching their face still knock the living crap out of them, even though our babe Juri's original appearance is still the best. Man, Capcom makeovers our babe Juri in full, stunning detail, and we adore her most recent look. Both Juri and Kimberly are gorgeous! Because Kimberly is one of the best new SF character designs, Juri fans will undoubtedly be mesmerized by this trailer.

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In this game, Juri is wearing a queen's attire. They brought back a ton of her tools from SF 4! Holy crap. This is like a dream come true for a Juri main! The similarities between her dive kick and Level 3 in this game and her OG Ultra in SF 4 are mostly subtle. I can't wait to meet her in person! She seems like a lot of fun. They ruined her in Street Fighter V and I am so happy my baby girl is back on her prime.


Despite the fact that I'm new to Street Fighter lore, I will admit that Kimberly looks fun and vivacious with a touch of Star-Lord and Miles Morales. Juri being ChunChun's opposite is creepy, psychopathic, dangerous, and nightmare-inducing in her fighting style, and I love it. She also steals Chun- Li's bracelet spikes. Although Street Fighter was never the same as before, this new approach is nonetheless kicking!
Cool trailer, however as I watched it, I observed that Kimberly's general design complemented the tone and aesthetic of Street Fighter 6 much better than Luke did; she appeared to be more deserving of being the main character.


I am so jealous of Jamie, I want Juri's feet on my face too and I want her to sit on me as well after she beats me up.


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This game looks so amazing, man, it almost makes me cry. Although I haven't played it yet, the individuals responsible for the game's engine and artwork should be proud. I am nervous of the new style of Artwork before but they had proven me wrong. The new art style is just badass!


The only thing about Kimberly that I don't particularly like is that she seems to be extremely genki trope and has no apparent link to Guy instead of being completely original. Isla and Kimberly both use spray paint, which somehow makes me think of Isla.


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What happened to Juri, why did she turn into a Social media influencer? She use to be this cool evil chick now she is tiktoking on the unconscious body of her opponent.


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They both animate in this game so nicely, frigging. As a fan of Juri, I must admit that I am more excited to watch how ludicrous the other characters will appear. For this game, the buzz is legitimate.


The most entertaining version of Juri yet! Do I witness air combos, diving kicks, or the elimination of Fuha jin trapping?

Oh, and that original super made the opponent feel even worse about themselves. I also adore the lollipop flair. sick motorcycle intro it made her look cool.


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I love how Juri Mocks her opponents, LOL: at the comment section on YouTube wishing they are Jamie because she sits on him.