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It was nice to revisit the Jurassic Park universe when Jurassic World was released a few years ago. My attitude leaving the theater was “I got what I wanted, I don’t need any more,” and so I’ve mostly ignored all the loud sequels and spinoffs that Universal has thrown out. I hear in this latest one the dinosaurs are free and multiplying? Oh no! What will humans do — driving a species to extinction is something we’re really bad at, or something!
When I first heard the board game Jurassic World: The Legacy of Isla Nublar was coming, I figured that was another thing I could ignore, but guess what — despite its title, the game doesn’t seem to take place in Jurassic World, but Jurassic PARK — which is fine with me (see above). It serves as a prequel to the entire story. Chris Pratt is nowhere in it.
You play as John Hammond and the scientists of InGen Labs, who are working on resurrecting dinosaurs using cloned DNA from the bellies of amberized mosquitoes. Build the attraction...

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