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Shawn Hopkins submitted a new blog post:

Jupiter's Great Red Spot Now Not as Great

Don't get me wrong, it's still pretty great, but Jupiter's Great Red Spot is the smallest scientists have ever seen it.

According to the most recent Hubble Space Telescope observations, the colossal storm that makes up the spot is no "only" 10, 250 miles across. You could still plop the entire Earth in that badboy, easy, but it's a far cry from its glory days. The spot was 14,500 miles across in 1979 and was estimated to be 25,500 miles in the 1800s....
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So the storm on Jupiter is calming down? If there were people living on Jupiter, I'd say that was a good thing, but I guess it's iconic or something since it doesn't really damage anything. Maybe future generations would wish they'd lived in our time just so that they could have seen what the big deal was about Jupiter's big red spot and marvel at the natural phenomena in the universe or something. That's okay! There's always nebulae... and diamond planets... and terraforming...

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