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I had a thread in here before, but then I couldn't post in it. And then I was banned as a spambot for some reason. And now the thread's gone. So hopefully that won't happen again.

This is my podcast! There are many like it, but all of them unlike this one.

Its a blow-by-blow recap of kamen rider episodes as told from a layman's perspective. Minding that's if that layman were the sort to reference Alakazam the Great in the same breath as Scud the Diposable Assassin. And then proceed to act out a scenario in which the two are lovers. So he might not be lay at all, this man, but he still won't be arsed to remember a bunch of japanese names! So instead he calls characters the first thing that comes to mind. And in that way he's just like you. I assume.

So far I've covered Fourze 19 to Wizard 11. Plus a few of the movies. I may or may not start updating this thread as new episodes go up. I've no regular schedule, so they're done when they're done.

Do leave feedback, preferably here. It would very much be appreciated.
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