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Nov 25, 2016
So yeah I'm going to sell off my entire collection. Starting off with SHF Kuuga. Some of these come with brown shipper boxes. Mighty Pegasus and Dragon are a set and has a slipcase. I took them off for the photo. I am in Canada so the price listed are before shipping. Feel free to send in your best offers.
Growing (comes with brown shipper) - $35
Mighty - $30
Pegasus - $30
Dragon - $30
Titan - $30
Rising Mighty (comes with brown shipper) - $40
Rising Pegasus & Rising Dragon (comes with slipcase) - $60
Rising Titan - $40
Ultimate - $30
N Daguva Zeba - $35
Rising Ultimate Red Eyes - $60
Rising Ultimate Black Eyes - $90

or if you buy all of them at once $460 discounted price is only available for a limited time if someone picks up a figure it's gone.

Check out from time to time I'll be listing the rest of my Toku related collection here very soon.