JFFO 2022 IT’S A SUMMER FILM!! Review: A Film to be Made to Save the Future of Cinema.


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Barefoot is a high school girl, member of the school film club, obsessed with Shintaro Katsu and the Zatoichi series, but in general, obsessed with classic samurai films. She gathers a bunch of friends as her crew to film a samurai film during the summmer in order to release it in the school film festival, not knowing yet, that the making of her film, might be crucial to save the future of cinema. Tell something more about the plot would be spoil the fun of this heartwarming feature film written and directed by Sôshi Masumoto, that gives the audience a sincere meta-story about love to the seventh art.
What at first sight might look a simple teenage film about love to cinema, hides behind its surface, a touching story that revolves about the passion of dreaming and the joy of filmmaking, that puts on the screen the power of cinema as a magical tool that connects the past with the present, through enchanting images that evokes unique moments that also connects with the future...

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