Jewel in the Palace | The K-Drama That Started the Korean Wave


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<p>Seo Cheon-soo was a royal guard present at the poisoning death of Queen Yun. When the queen’s son grows up, he decides to kill everyone who was involved. Cheon-soo flees and meets an old man who tells him 3 women hold his fate. </p>


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Ooooh, this is one of the Korean dramas that are based from real life. Jang Geum is a real person who existed. All I remember about her is that she is a chef who became a doctor.


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Reading about Jewel in the Palace brings back a flood of memories. I remember being completely captivated by Jang Geum's story when this series first aired. It's incredible to think that this drama played a significant role in the rise of the Korean Wave, which has since swept the world. It is my second Korean Drama after Lovers in Paris.


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The story of Jang Geum's parents is tragic, but it sets the stage for Jang Geum's own struggles and successes. It's heartwarming to see how her parents' love and sacrifice shaped her into the person she is today. This drama was so popular that Japan made an anime based on Jang Geum's childhood. Yes, it made it to Japan!
Oh my goodness, I was obsessed with Jewel in the Palace? I was absolutely blown away by that girl, Jang Geum. She just never gives up, no matter how tough things get. Even when she's being slandered and falsely accused, she keeps her head up and stays focused on her goals. And can you believe how hard she works? She's always pushing herself to be the best cook and physician she can be. I just hope my own kids can learn a thing or two from her. If they could be even half as resilient and dedicated as Jang Geum, I know they'd be unstoppable.


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History Buff here, Some people still debate the existence of Jang Geum as a real historical figure. Regardless of whether she actually existed or not, her story is a testament to the power of determination and hard work.


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Watching Jewel in the Palace is like taking a trip down memory lane. The stunning production design and costumes transport me back to a different era, and the story is filled with all the elements that make a great period drama - intrigue, romance, and heartbreak. But what really tugs at my heartstrings is how the series portrays the struggles of women during the Joseon Dynasty, and how Jang Geum's determination and perseverance inspire us all. It reminds me of the women in my own family who faced their own challenges and triumphed in their own ways. Watching this series is not just entertainment, it's a powerful reminder of the strength and resilience of women throughout history.


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The cultural impact of Jewel in the Palace cannot be overstated. It not only helped to popularize Korean dramas and music throughout the world, but it also rekindled interest in traditional Korean cuisine. Jang Geum's abilities as a cook and healer inspired many people to learn about Korean culinary traditions, and the show's influence can be seen in the global rise of Korean food culture. It's incredible how a television show can have such an impact, and Jewel in the Palace is a shining example of the power of storytelling to inspire and connect people from all walks of life.


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Some of my favorite parts of the show is the cooking. The Imperial Korean cuisine looks Good. I heard it is different from modern Korean Cuisine. Imperial food is not spicy.


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Jewel in the Palace is without a doubt one of the best K-dramas available! Everything about it is captivating: the historical setting, the strong female lead, the intricate plot. Every time I watch it, I feel transported back to the Joseon era. Let's not even get started on the food scenes! I'm always drooling over the delectable dishes they prepare. And the soundtrack is simply stunning. I could listen to it over and over again all day. You're missing out on a masterpiece if you haven't seen Jewel in the Palace yet. You won't be sorry if you give it a shot.

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