Japanese Millennials declare Turbo Red the best red ranger

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Oct 22, 2012
A Japanese poll back in December was done on favorite Super Sentai red rangers, among Japanese people in their 30s Turbo Red from Turboranger was voted on as being their favorite in the entire franchise with Gokai Red getting the number two spot. The entire list can be accessed from the page numbers below.

36. Time Red and Gosei Red
30. Akaranger, Battle Japan, Denzi Red, Zyuoh Eagle, Aka Ninger, and Dyna Red
25. Geki Red, Red Racer, MagiRed (Oh come on!), Red Hawk (I thought Jetman was constantly masturbated towards, talk about surprising), and Shishi Red (talk about unlucky, but this does confirm Kyuranger, the best tokusatsu of all time, to be a normie filter)
21. OhRed (Ole), Five Red, Zenkai Zyuran (OOF!), and Red Falcon (I guess people didn't like him returning in specials)
20. Stag Beetle Auger (I never bothered with KingRanger)
18. Gao Red and Toqu 1
16. Ginga Red and Deka Red (I guess the screaming was divisive)
15. Patran 1
13. Red Buster and Bouken Red
12. Donmomoto Taro (never saw this one either)
10. MegaRed (Boo, Megaranger sucked) and Lupin Red (catch him if you can)
8. AbaRed and Kyoryu Red
7. GoRed (good to see his brother marry Haruhi Suzumiya recently)
6. Tyranno Ranger (because of couse you gotta have Zyuranger)
5. Ryu Ranger (I attribute Akibaranger Season Pain for this)
3. Ninja Red (Kakuranger is still liked?) and Shinken Red

Everyone else (Kiramei Red, Change Dragon, Go-On Red, Red Mask, Ryusoul Red, Hurricane Red, and Spade Ace) got one vote.
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