Japanese Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Subtitling Project

Hi all,

Since the beginning of the Japanese Dragon Knight, I have been interested to hear it Japanese dubbed and the inkling has come about with me wanting to subtitle the show. Even though it's the same show, I can't be the only one who wants to hear it in Japanese. With a copy of Aegisub armed, I plan to do this. But I can't do it alone.

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NQ87JVDW - This is just a small taste of what I would like to do. It's the preview at the end of Episode One in a similar style to how our subtitles will be done. Expect that was done in Final Cut Express and to be honest, it's just far too time-consuming to do it that way.

So what I propose is the following: I will watch the Japanese episode and make up the script in Aegisub in the file format .ass. When I finish, I will send it to the Timer who will time out the script. I mainly can't do this because Mac doesn't have an equivalent for Avisynth, making it time consuming to time out. They will watch the Japanese version and time out the .ass script. They then give it back to me, I QC it, and put it up for all to enjoy.

Basically, all I need is a Timer, because I am one of those who believe there is really no need for fancy subtitling or any of the sort. I don't want special effects in my subs and while there will be lyrics durning the opening theme (just for consistency), there is NO need for a Karaoke track. Can you imagine if there was some sort of mirror Karaoke to the theme? Also, titles like 'Obaachan' and so fourth would be translated, because I prefer not to read 'Onisan' if I am watching subtitles.

I am learning Japanese, so I am able to pick up on some differences. There are some differences. Some are so close to the English version that I just go with the English version. And some I honestly have no idea what they are saying and just go with the English. I welcome anyone who spots a major error in my translating to show it to me so I can put up a revised .ass script. I mainly mean also actual dialogue differences, not just a way to phrase things.

So, to summarise: Is anyone willing to be a timer for a Japanese Kamen Rider Dragon Knight subtitling project? I am currently trying to find all the episodes (got the first one), so it would be great if someone could also point me in the direction of links to said episodes.

Thank you,


Nice post!!
I believe ISOs of the discs are floating around out there.

Only thing I can contribute to subbing projects is editing, which probably won't be a concern here. :loltongue:

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