Jackie Chan and The Drunken Master


<p>There is always something in life that we did for pleasure that we spend a great deal later trying to reconstruct. Such was the case with Jackie Chan. In 1978 the release of the Drunken Master sprung Chan into fame.</p>


Movie will cover expenses and earn some money just from Jackie Chan fan base. Like you can read, one of the most influence people on Earth. No matter what he say later, this movie will promote alcohol. Also maybe he should stop making martial arts movies as main actor. Role of trainer would fit him better.


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It is a credit to Jackie Chan's skill and talent that he was able to build his own identity and become well-known outside of Bruce Lee's shadow. It's inspiring to watch how Jackie Chan has used his celebrity and influence to benefit others through charitable work and activism. Drunken Master II's message about the egotistical nature of martial arts is striking.


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Jackie Chan has raised the bar for action movies with his commitment to producing real-world stunts that are visually stunning.A true credit to Jackie Chan's character is the fact that he was able to transform a negative element of his blockbuster movie into a good message about overcoming addiction. It's incredible to see how Jackie Chan's influence has extended well beyond the entertainment sector and how his charitable effort has improved the lives of many others.For many years to come, the legacy of Drunken Master and Jackie Chan's influence on the martial arts genre will be felt.


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Jackie Chan's versatility and desire to use his skills to improve the world are shown in the way that he is not just a successful actor but also a musician, director, and philanthropist.


I hate his guts, He thinks my country is not a country, He abandoned people of Hong Kong and decided to become a CCP puppet. To make it worst abandoned and disowned his daughter because she is gay. No way I will support him. He is also sexist and thinks women should not do action movies and his mind only changed because Michelle Yeoh proved him wrong. He is my number one most hated actor.


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Jackie Chan's unusual blend of humor and action has helped him build a distinctive signature appearance that fans all over the world appreciate.Jackie Chan's long-term success and relevance in the entertainment industry are incredible; he has managed to adapt to changing audiences and trends while never losing his own vision.He overcome personal challenges and use them as inspiration for his craft is a true testament to his courage and ingenuity.


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His commitment to making films with positive themes and messages has aided his standing as a global hero and role model for millions of people.I really love this guy.


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As a fan of Jackie Chan, I have to respectfully disagree with the notion that he is overrated. Yes, his style of comedy and action may not be for everyone, but there's no denying that he is an incredibly talented performer who has brought a unique energy and charisma to the screen for decades. His stunts and fight scenes are truly awe-inspiring, and the way he seamlessly blends humor and drama in his films is a testament to his range as an actor. Plus, his commitment to promoting positive values and using his fame for charitable causes is truly admirable. Jackie Chan has earned his place in the hearts of fans around the world, and I think he will continue to be a beloved figure in the entertainment industry for years to come.

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