iTunes Podcast to My Zen Micro MP3 Player

Keith Justice

New Member
Okay... nevermind... looks like I wasted a lot of time. It is as simple as it looks.

Awesome tho. Got stuff to listen to on the way to work.

Anyone got good Podcasts the like to follow and upload?

Keith Justice

New Member
Dude, this **** rules....

Other great podcasts:

Broadcast Gamer
Diggnation with Kevin Rose (he left Attack of the Show to do this. Speaking of which- has anyone heard about the shake-up at G4?)

ExtraLife Radio
Gamers Daily
GameSpot presents the Hot Spot
Gamestation Radio (Hosted by "Sargent Party" this New York city based podcast is so funny, I swear they're eating chicken)

Gaming Steve
Geek Speak Radio
Geeks On
Intelligent Gamer
Major Nelson (total Xbox/microsoft developer dude)
Orange Lounge News Radio
Short Attention Gamer
Snackbar Games
Team Fremont
The Avid Gamer
The Big Bald Broadcast
Video Game News Radio

Cheapassgamer's CAGcast