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The first episode of Batwoman Number Two aired last night, to mixed reactions from both fans and critics. The most positive thing I’ve heard is that the new Bat has a more interesting personality than the statue that was Ruby Rose, but it’s faint praise. Personally, I thought the episode was a trainwreck. There was no believable way to integrate a complete stranger with no connection to the Kanes or the Foxes into the Batcave, especially within one hour, but Luke and Mary were somehow mesmerized by Ryan Wilder’s pretty speeches nearly instantly. And I don’t know who thought of the idea for making Ryan talk to a plant in her van, but it’s goofy as hell, emphasized by the moment when Hush knocked the plant over during the episode’s climactic fight and Ryan howled “NOOOOOO!”
All this could have been avoided by just recasting Kate, but Berlanti Industries Inc. decided against that. Are they just against recasts in general? Apparently not…we’re now hearing that when The Flash returns...
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