It Looks Like The Last Of Us 2 Is Happening

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It Looks Like The Last Of Us 2 Is Happening

It Looks Like The Last Of Us 2 Is Happening

Good news for fans of The Last Of Us, which should be pretty much everyone who has ever owned a PlayStation 3 or 4; it looks like The Last Of Us 2 is happening!

According to the LinkedIn CV of former Naughty Dog employee, Michael Knowland, The Last Of Us 2 is very much in the works. Knowland worked with Naughty Dog as a lead character artist on Uncharted as well as working on "all things main and NPC...

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Yay! I was kinda sad that the first one finished with a sad ending (well, not really) But Yay! I'm so excited to play the next installment of the game.


The way the last one ended is was open ended with no real closure. So I'm glad they are doing another one, but it was expected. The bar has been raised to deliver a quality product. Other games have copied or surpassed the content level so I hope they bring it and raise the story line and in game innovation level.


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The popularity of the game combined with that ending make a sequel almost a
forgone conclusion. I am fairly certain that Naughty Dog promised that there
wouldn't be a sequel- to get us to be open to all endings, maybe? But the sequel
is a go, apparently. As the other poster said, the bar has been raised. Let's hope
they don't waste the opportunity- I am looking at you, Ubisoft.


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I haven't finished the first game yet, but I'm interested that they're gonna be making a sequel! It will definitely give some clues about the endgame for the first one, which is funny because given how nihilistic the first one is I thought everyone would have just died at the end. ;)


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I am really excited for this! The Last Of Us was by far the best game for the PS3, to hear that it is getting a sequel is the best news I have heard all week.

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