Tech It Had To Happen: The Frozen C-Section Game

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Jun 20, 2012
Peter Paltridge submitted a new blog post:

It Had To Happen: The Frozen C-Section Game

When you think about it, once the right elements were combined, it was inevitable. You take the unstoppable, incurable mania of this nation's young girls for all things Frozen, and an app store that's heavily regulated yet allows ripoffs of anything to slip through, and what do you get? You get an unlicensed app game where you have to give a pregnant Anna a Caeserean section and deliver her baby.

In the specifically-titled-for-search-engines "Frozen Anna Give Birth A Baby," you are greeted...
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Dec 30, 2014
Oh my word, that's crazy! Still funny though! I can imagine plenty of kids downloading this unwittingly and getting really freaked out when they find out what it's all about! I suspect it won't be long before Disney take action though, so I might just check this out now, while I can.
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Dec 14, 2014
This is just sad. I am still stunned to find out how lame and disturbing people can
be. How much time did this take? How did they think of it? Who taught them how
to code apps? The expression "if they had only used their power for good" comes
to mind. I feel sorry for them, and any kids who may have come across this.