It Finally Happened: The NES Classic Has Been Hacked

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It Finally Happened: The NES Classic Has Been Hacked


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I'm surprised Nintendo didn't hard code the games to the chip like the Sega classics thing that came out a few years back. The hack might not be worth applying yet, but I suspect they will continue to develop it into something easier to install. If they can get an emulator onto it, ROMs for games - either classics or even brand new games - would be easy enough to create and install.

After all look at the Dreamcast. It may have been jailbroken after production ceased but the latest fan made games are still coming out!


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Hehe, ''Battletoads.'' The ultimate order sales for every company anywhere. It's too bad they never have it at the 99 cents store. Jokes aside, you can expect people to jump into this and try to hack it themselves and they might even be able to do more things than what those people did.

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