Is Timo Tjahjanto Directing SLEEPING DOGS?



Follow Timo Tjahjanto on Twitter enough lately and you can't help but begin to speculate that he could very well be the one to take the helm for at least one of action star Donnie Yen's upcoming projects.

Indeed, Yen is currently working on "Polar Search And Rescue" following a production hiatus a year ago due to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, but fans are indelibly waiting to see what comes of Yen's upcoming thrills in an adaptation of video game, "Sleeping Dogs", with Neal Mortiz producing.

It definitely can't be "The Father" with Yen starring alongside Alec Baldwin and Frank Grillo.. then again it could be "Golden Empire" which was also announced in the summer of 2020 in reports next to "Sleeping Dogs".

All signs right now, including his tweets below, lead me to speculate and opine that this could be their next gig, and from the way things look, Timo can't wait to get the engine started on this one. After thrillers like "Headshot" and "Killers" with Kimo Stamboel, and his bloody, bone-crushing barnburner debut at the helm for "The Night Comes For Us", Timo has more than earned it. And he's a fan of the Yen too, so... comment with your thoughts? Let us know if this excites you!


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