Is there even a Paradise Lost Blu-Ray Director's Cut Available?


It's over 8,000!
Is there a Kamen Rider 555: Paradise Lost Blu-Ray Director's Cut somewhere, or is it all just Theatrical Version for the Blu-Ray? I've been looking in many places, but they all say "Theatrical Version." It normally would not bother me if there wasn't anything added and it was just "Kamen Rider 555: Paradise Lost [Blu-Ray Region A]" or something, but it specifically says "Theatrical Version" on all the copies I've seen.

So, is there a Director's Cut version for the Blu-Ray?


Red Falcon
Nope, only for the Theatrical Version afaik ... The Director's Cut Version only gets released on DVD ...

The only explanation i can give for is Toei doesn't want fans to wait for the DC version for Blu Ray to be out thus affecting sales of their Theatrical Version maybe thats why DC Version gets the DVD treatment only


It's over 8,000!
So they want me to spend money on both? Well, I can't. Just one. The Blu-Ray. The Blu-Ray DC doesn't look like it's going to be released now. :(

Thanks. I'm so disappointed right now.


It's over 8,000!
I wouldn't mind it so much if there wasn't a Blu-Ray available for just the Theatrical Version. I also wouldn't mind it if the DVDs were for this region as well.

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