Tech Is Moto G (2nd gen) a good phone?

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Jan 11, 2015
I'm thinking of upgrading my device and Moto G seems to provide good value for money, but I've heard it's fragile. Is it a good upgrade? I currently own an HTC Desire X. It works fine and does the job, but many apps are starting to require more power and internal memory and the phone is going slower with time. Is saving up for Nexus 5 a better idea? I need a device which would work fine for a few years. Thanks.
Dec 18, 2014
I'm actually using one right now. I only changed it about 3 weeks ago since someone stole my phone. Ughh. But anyway, it's wayyyyy better than I expected honestly. It's cheap but it works great. I usually use either a blackberry or iphone but recently I thought I might change to android. Moto G is my second android phone and so far it's been amazing. It even calculated my upcoming flights and everything! It is really worth the money.

Also, my mom has been using the Moto G first generation for I think 2 years now and she has no complaints. The battery life is pretty good as well, sometimes I don't charge it for 2 days. Well whatever you decide, good luck!