Is Kuroko no Basket better than Slam dunk?

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Slam dunk was one of my favorite anime shows back in the 90s. It followed the exploits of Hanamichi Sakuragi and the Shohoku basketball team in their search for recognition and excellence in the basketball world. The show was funny and entertaining.

Now, there's Kuroko no Basket, an anime pattern to Slam Dunk but with one unique twist - some of the players have extraordinary abilities when it comes to playing basketball.

Have you watched the two anime shows? Which do you think is better?


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I haven't watched Slam Dunk but when I watched Kuroko no Basket, I found it to be great. I loved how each individual has their own strengths and weaknesses and how it develops over time.


Wow, it's rare to find an anime fanatic who has not yet watched Slam Dunk. I thought all anime lovers knew about Slam Dunk.

You should check the anime out. It's very hilarious. Though the anime is pretty old, it still holds its own against the newer Kuroko. Hanamichi and the rest of Shuhoku are very fun to watch.


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I have watched both anime and I really don't want to compare them since the gap between them are 2 decades or more. Slam Dunk is a legend. And KnB is also the best for this era.
Nooooo! These two make it to my top list of animes so it's really hard to choose. My first love for basketball started with Slam Dunk and I remember watching it almost everyday. But Kuroko brings something new to the table and that's what I really like as well. I just can't choose between these two.


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I love Slam Dunk! I think my only problem with it was the constant time dilation when the characters are explaining stuff hahaha!
Are the extraordinary abilities in KnB something like the stuff in Prince of Tennis?