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Is It Reality or Virtual Reality? Our Brains Know The Difference

Pretty soon you're going to be able to go to your local video game store and pick up a consumer-level virtual reality rig, either Sony's upcoming Project Morpheus or another shiny new rig that would make William Gibson jealous. And if the VR is good enough, you might trick yourself into thinking you really are in the virtual worlds for the first time ever.

But you can't fool Mother Nature, scientists say. A recent study shows brains fire in completely different patterns with presented with a...
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that is a pretty cool thought. Thanks for sharing this info I found it very interesting. Technology is amazing


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Wow didn't know about this. I always thought that VR wouldn't be detected by our brains, the same thing that happens in the dreams, but it seems that I've been wrong. Thanks for sharing.
How close are we to VR being fully complete? I wouldn't mind taking my gaming to another level! Especially fantasy titles! I just have it doesn't have a negative impact on the brain. Would be a way to go through: "Death by Virtual Reality!"

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