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The rape of Nanjing, is one of the darkest atrocities in recent history, a happening that´s been denied by some ultra nationalist groups and was forgotten in the west history books for a very long time…
December 13th is the Nanjing massacre memorial, to commemorate such a tragic happening, I´ve decided to write about this moving long feature documentary from 2007, that revolves around Iris Chang, an enthusiastic Asian-American young writer, author of the best seller book, “The Rape of Nanking“, a work that brought  to light to western readers the horrors that the Japanese Imperial Army commited during their invassion of the city in 1937.
The makers of the feature, combined Chang´s real footage from TV appearances, with dramatizations of passages from her life in which she´s wonderfully portrayed by the gorgeous Olivia Cheng, displaying on the screen the reasons and motivations Iris had to expose to the world this tragic tale from her ancestors, giving also an insight look, to the...

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