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Hey guys I am TheShuffleRider92 and I am new to HJU.

I started my Toku journey with Power Rangers since I was 1 at the time it started and I have been constantly watching it every since.

I knew of Tokusatsu when I was in the 5th grade because of the Power Ranger DinoThunder episode "Lost In Translation" and typing in "Japanese Power Rangers" on Google. There is where I discovered Sentai and also Kamen Rider from websites like JapanHero and RangerGallery and kept on going to these websites for more pictures each week until I reached middle school.

I started to watch my first ever piece of Toku in summer 2007, the month before I became a freshman in high school. My first Toku was Kamen Rider Kabuto and I loved every single moment of it because it was new to me, it had action, and it had Tendou!!!!!!! After that I began to watch more shows like Gekiranger and Den-O and try to gather all of this knowledge/history so I can convince people to watch some of these shows since they were cool and they have whole history to them.

Flashing forward to the present, I am now a 20-year-old college student who has watched 14 Kamen Rider shows (Showa and Heisei), 16 Sentai shows, 5 Ultraman shows, and 4 independent Toku shows in the past 6 years. I have made my best friends and my girlfriend watch these shows and they like it as I do (except the girlfriend lol). My mom still doesn't understand why I like these shows but she grew to get over it and accept that I am who I am. And I am proud to say that I am a Toku fan and I will never stop being one. :patriotic:



Just joined today and would like to say Hello. Name's Miko from Micromatsing.

Been a toku fan since mmpr, and thoroughly enjoyed SPD, though I only went "online" with it when I started watching the Japanese subs and stuck immediately to Kamen rider. I'm mostly a Heisei fan--Kuuga primarily and avidly enjoy collecting merch from time to time, though like many from my generation and those before me I also enjoy the showa series of Black.

I'm mostly drawn in this regard to the aesthetics of Super Imaginative Chogokin, and have been collecting the Kiwamii Tamashii line for a while now, and do some reviews on the side. I also customize figures from that line into characters that haven't been made yet, and I'm very dedicated to improving my skills with it.


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Looks like no one has posted for quite a long time, hopefully that's alright since this is a sticky.

I watched some of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers when I was younger but my parents heard that it 'caused violence and banned me from watching it. Eventually I started watching Beetleborgs when that came out and I loved it. I dropped my interest in it for year though.

Some time last year towards the end of Akibaranger airing I read about it on TVTropes and I ended up watching all of what had aired up to that point and I loved it. After Akiba finished, I didn't have any interest in getting further into it... and then the second season was announced. I started watching it but quickly grew impatient waiting for new episodes to come out.
I tried watching a few episodes of Power Rangers Megaforce because it was on demand on my TV, but it wasn't that good, so I switched over to Goseiger.

Now I've seen Goseiger, Sun Vulcan, Liveman and Go-Onger. I am waiting for more Akibaranger to be released and I just started Shinkenger.

My main goal is to watch Gokaiger but I want to watch as many other series as I can first, because apparently it make Gokaiger much better.
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I have been around HJU I think for a year or more but it wasnt untill this week that I gatered enough willpower to register.

I have allwais liked heroes, mecas, anime... that kind of stuff, but 3 years ago I discovered kamen rider and sentai and this has been awesome!! then I found HJU and I felt glad hearing you guys talk about toku and "geeking" cause I wanted to talk about toku too but I wasnt able to.

I wish I could write better in english, so sorry if it isnt perfect


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Hello, I am guncannon109. I just came over from TokuNation and I'm new to the forum, but I've had an account here for some odd reason... I honestly don't know why. I am a writer, character designer and token insane thing. I actually just spent the whole day porting over my fan fiction Kamen Rider series Kamen Rider Xtreme over here bit by bit to avoid spamming the forum.

My favorite Toku Shows include Power Rangers Time Force, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, Mirai Sentai Timeranger and Kamen Rider W. As for anime, I'll basically watch anything but my favorites include Eureka Seven, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Fullmetal Alchemist (the 03 version, not Brotherhood) and Shakugan No Shana.

I get along and discuss all sorts of toku, anime and anything else that comes up with the community here!

... Also, I should note that despite my name, I'm not that big of a gundam fan. I've only seen the movie versions of original Gundam, SEED and SEED Destiny (multiple times I might add) and bits of Wing and OO. I would like to see more, but I'm not sure where to start. Any suggestions?


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I've been hanging out here for nearly three years, might as well tell you lot how I got here.

In 2010 I was introduced to Kamen Rider by a good friend of mine. That specific show was Kamen Rider Decade. He showed me the Den-O Episodes (his favorite Rider) by TV-N. So I went over to their site and joined up their board. Aaaand two months in I got banned for spoilers. For a day. WTF? Honestly, it wasn't even a real spoiler...

Anyway, I started looking for other groups, being disenchanted with them. Then I found this, our fortress of geekatude and a whole new world opened up to me. Here I met W-Time, later becoming Over-Time. Also Grown Ups In Spandex and the Order of Zeronos. I learned more about the fandom. I started listening to podcasts and Vlogs. This place, it really, really opened up my world and introduced me to new people and a whole new fandom.

It also really helped me to look at Anime in a different light as well. That's been a real help, since I host a Dutch rendition of Your Anime Sucks. The production side helps me find new material for better laughs from our audience. We've been doing this event for five years now, I owe it to the great people of this board, and for some part especially Lynxara, that I have grown into a better host and comedian.

I hope this place will keep growing, it deserves the bigest fandom groups in the world. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for creating this wonderfull place. I really feel at home here.
Yooo. First time lurker, long time Justice/Tokusatsu nut that happened to dwell to HJU.

I don't know where or how to start, but my enthusiasm with all things Toku started, quite oddly, with Den-O. After that, I watched the Next and even if I haven't dived into the majority of shows out there, I think I am hooked.

Anywhoo, I am Shirogane/Ryo (As you guessed, I love Naoto Shirogane), also a car/motorcycle nut (Yep, for those who kept up on German saloon history, the E38 in my name is in reference to a special BMW), and I own a Honda motorcycle (did so on a whim.) Yoroshiku~.


I thought I had already done this, guess I'll do it now.

I'm Steve Rudzinski, a filmmaker from Pittsburgh, PA. I've been making movies for years and while I'm by no means a "big shot" it makes me enough cash where I don't need a full time job to have a house, car, and food. I've made several features, the slasher/comedy I made last year (Everyone Must DIE!) is currently available in stores/on cable OnDemand nationwide as well as Amazon. Last week I just wrapped shooting on a movie I was hired to direct by a producer, so now I've got to worry about finishing that in Post for a Christmas release.

My latest release was my independent toku, Super Task Force One, which is currently available on DVD and BluRay at It's been getting good reviews thus far, 4/5s and the like, and I'm currently in talks with Amazon to get it on Video on Demand through them to make it available for just a few bucks. More info on that as I get it.

I got my toku beginning as most red blooded Americans, with MMPR back in the day. I remember seeing episode 1 on its first airing as a child and falling in love. I stuck with Power Rangers most of my life, only falling out in general for a few years. But even when I Was younger I was also into more toku like Ultraman and even the American Guyver films. When I found myself back into Toku and Power Rangers is when I started taking the Japanese genre more seriously, watching a bunch of Super Sentai and loving it. I've since watched other Japanese toku outside of Super Sentai and I've never looked back since.


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I'm PullThePower, nice to meet you all. I actually have started a show based on my stupid opinions on Kamen Rider, but I might start actually putting up Kamen Rider based news. I'll drop a link so you guys can check it out.


Yo, guys. Nice to be a part of HJU.
K-Off here (imaginative, I know), and I've searched high and low for a place I could discuss toku with others. Now I'm glad I found it.

One of the first henshin hero things I've seen was Dream Soldier Wingman - which has a francais-only dub beyond the original at the moment. It was just so hilarious, so awesome. And the music, my word!

Ever since then I have been into the transforming hero.

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Est-ce que je parle dans la grande langue de français? Seulement un petit. Also, Wingman was dubbed? Could have sworn it was subbed....

BTW welcome, Sir K-Off.
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Well, for me a friend was of a friend was getting me more and more into Super Sentai as well as other shows (Karmen Rider for example.) He was doing this knowing I am a longtime Power Ranger fan (you can guess where I my username came from, haha.) One day I just happen to see him share a link from Facebook to this site. I've been keeping an eye on the site and checking it almost everyday since, but this is the first time actually posting in the forums... main reasons is I've bad experiences in forums (completely non-related to this or any related site) in the past. But hey, let's not let the trolls and poop-butts from other sites ruin everything, right? :)

Nice to meet everyone!


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A discovery and a dream...

Okay, let's see... my road here began I guess almost 15 years ago, when a kid with a hyperactive imagination, analytical mind, and nearly OCD need for details, started work on a silly little fan-fic crossover between Godzilla, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Battle Angel Alita.

Since then, the story evolved, and one day I started watching a series called Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight. I was [and still am] a big fan of the concept of someone that could change into an armored, faceless warrior of justice, and further exploration of this series lead me to the discover of the genre of Tokusatsu, and all of the creative and unique series that are a part of it! By this point in the story, I had abandoned the idea of my story becoming a fan-fiction, and instead chose to create an original series that would be a tribute to Tokusatsu!

Soon I went looking online for any sort of site which had collected information of anything related to Tokusatsu... which of course was pretty difficult, considering the rarity of the genre in the United States! So it was like a sign from Heaven when I located this site, a forum on everything Tokusatsu related, the perfect place to interact with fellow Tokusatsu fans, find info on both popular and obscure Tokusatsu series, and most of all, a place to premier a new, original series of American Tokusatsu!

By the way, where would someone post stories, updates, and/or pics for an original Tokusatsu series they're making around here?


American Tokusatsu!!!
Thanks for the welcome! No, what I'm trying to create is an original series, inspired by other Tokusatsu and Kaiju films, but it is by no means a fan fiction.



Sorry for the bump and the weird title, that was the transformation call for a game I'm making.

Anyways, hay guise! I'm Lennox, and I've actually been lurking here for a looooooooooooong time now. Also, I'd like to mention that I'm waiting for the following movie:

3rd Super Hero Taisen Alpha Tensei-hen: To The End of The Decade :castlerock:

Anyway, hope to have fun here at HJU! Seeyah!

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