Introduction Thread - What Was Your Road... to Justice?

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Sep 25, 2019
New member here. As for how I stumbled upon actually started when I used to listen to the podcast years ago during my early college years. I was trying to find my way through life and I will admit that I sometimes felt like I was wandering through a long tunnel wondering if I will ever see the end where there is light. Didn't have much friends, and I wasn’t sure who to trust.

I started with Tokusatsu during the 90s probably like most. While some fans are likely familiar with Ultraman from the 60s which I would say arguably started the genre, for most in America the genre didn’t kick off until Power Rangers (Zyuranger in Japan) and slowly put the genre on the map. However, I know that the popularity wasn’t going to last for some. The effect it had in the United States as well as the world almost ended the franchise as it continued on. Ohranger (Zeo in America) almost ended Super Sentai and it further boosted the American adaptation. Likewise, Turbo nearly ended the franchise (Carranger revitalized it).

The 90s was pretty much the slow boom of Japanese pop culture with both anime and Tokusatsu both in America and elsewhere. However,…in America…the genre began to stale when Haim Saban tried to do Kamen Rider and Metal Heroes. Both were not successful. In fact, the original creator of Kamen Rider hated the Americanized version so much that the franchise would not surface again until in the early 2000s with Dragon Knight (Ryuki in Japan).

However, there was a show in Japan that I think went under the radar those who were into Tokusatsu and kaijuu (I.e.: Godzilla). It looks like a variation of Ultraman to fans in Japan but most could easily tell it wasn’t. This show was one of the few who actually stayed true to the source material despite making minor adjustments. Years later it would be made into an anime in 2018 and was both a separate but semi-sequel to the show itself. Denkoku Choujin Gridman (aka: Super Human Samurai Syber Squad) [2018: SSSS Gridman]. Later Ultraman incarnations would pay tribute to the character when some abilities mirrors that of Gridman.

It later occurred to me that the characters that inhabit Tokusatsu (Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Ultraman, and Metal Heroes), all had different themes and types. So…in a way, the genre was more like a choose your own adventure type of storytelling. Each had unique scenarios that pertains to either a certain character or the team members in general as well as lessons to keep in mind.

As of late there’s one show that has gotten my attention and I discovered this during my high school years but didn’t get into it till later during my college years. I know that some people have only been exposed to it because of the anime version but don’t know it’s Tokusatsu roots. I am speaking of course with regards to Garo: The Golden Wolf Knight.

This now brings me to the reasons why I joined this forum, besides talking about Tokusatsu in general. I was thinking of doing some sort of essay/writing project regarding the genre in general. I know. Some of you guys are thinking “Uso deshou?!” Why would I be? Besides, there’s books that are sometimes sold online as “accompaniment” to the show in general but I have always been “skeptic” about them. Why? I have to usually ask “How authentic and helpful is it and does it really add to the show about the lore of the characters and the like?” Also, I was thinking of trying to ask some possible commission artists for some help with doing the cover art for my first cross over project regarding Power Rangers and Gridman (Battle for the Two Grids).
As for why I had this idea in my head…think about it for a moment. Shattered Grid comic arc, evil Tommy is power hungry and tries to disrupt the grid. The Rangers utilize weapons and technology, including the Zords. As my summary for the cross over brings up, what if the connection got cut off and their tech becomes useless? Just something that I felt like exploring. RPM brings up the whole Earth being destroyed because of a virus. Beast Morphers again brings up technology and a virus messing things up. Gridman brought up Khan Digifer (Kilo Khan in America) and Alexis Kerib in the anime. Anyone see where I’m trying to go with this? For the most part…just asking for help from fellow Tokusatsu fans. I would really appreciate it.
Once again...hajimemashite.
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Sep 26, 2019
Well at least twice joined but lost earlier accounts and finally stuck it with this one.

Sorry for that.

I'm a casual watchetbof Power Rangers since 2013. I bought Dia (Great) Ranger and have since bought all Saban Era I shows up to Go Go 5 which I have yet to buy.

Also with Super Ninja Steel caught up in DVD I currently watch the shows adapted for Power Rangers. I saw Masked Rider Dragon Knight on CW. (As Saban would have called it)