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Oh hey! I didn't know that I suppose to type here first...Ok let me introduce myself. My name is Mike. I formerly known as DanteBunny on the Toon Zone forums, haven't posted there after 2003, been having ups and downs in my life, but started back to pick myself up again. I'm a retro gamer, plus a backlogger for other games including JRPGs and Metroidvania games. the Shantae series are my favorite. My favorite game is Popful Mail, and one day I will be planning on speed running this game.

Outside the gaming department, I enjoy anime,wrestling (including AEW and laughing at Jim Cornette's "reviews" on those matches in that company), I want to get back into comics, including the DC universe and Marvel Universe. I'm a fan of tokusatsu (Kamen Rider and Power Rangers), and a few that I can't think at the tip of my tongue.

Oh yeah! I'm making a review series called the Super Ace Gamer Show. 3 episode are out and more coming along the way.


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Hi everyone! I am new here. Spotted the forum when I was looking for a new community. The forum I was on before this one shut down a few months back. I tried to get back into social media sites like Twitter and just can't do it. Too toxic. I liked the way this one looked, so I joined! How is everyone?


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Hola. Mi nombre es "Kitschensyngk". (kitchen-sink)

Some of you might know me over at the Anime Superhero forums (formerly ToonZone). I enjoy anime, weird movies, Internet comics, Britcoms, and many other things I can't think of right now.

I also make comics - a twisted coming-of-age story called Nachos Con Carne ( and a weekly gag series called Words. (

I will comment as frequently as I can. It's nice to be here.


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Hola, Senor Kitschensyngk. It is good to see you here. I look forward to discussion and shenanigans.


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Hi, I'm Julia aka PinkieLopBun! Maybe some people recognize me from Anime Superhero. I'm here to help out on the animation board. Glad to be here!