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Hey all,

Not really sure how I got here, just somehow stumbled upon this place while browsing the web, but it seems like a pretty cool place so I figured I'd sign up :)

I'm (almost) 22 and I live between Australia and New Zealand (I spend decent amounts of time in both countries). I don't really know what my hobbies are, I suppose just generic things like the Internet, gaming and reading.

I assume that this thread is for the gamers since it's in the gaming section, so once I get a bit more familiar with the place and with you guys then maybe we can add each other on Steam or something :)

If you want to know anything else, just ask!


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Sup guys!
My name is Robbin I am 15 years old and i spend my time on school and on the internet. watching videos, gaming, forum posting etc. This forum seemed really nice and i would love to get into the community!


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I registered Today yay me!! My name is Kayla and I'm a outgoing person on most occasions however I have my moments when I just want to be alone. I like the color Blue on some days and purple on others. Unless of course another color fancies my eye then the second color may change. I prefer cloudy almost rain like days compared to Bright Sunny days I'm not to sure why I just do. I currently enjoy just relaxing for my Summer vacation by playing Video Games, Reading, and playing my Acoustic Guitar. That pretty much sums up all there is about me. Well not really but close enough.


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Hello! I am a college student, some of my hobbies are: reading, playing video games, chess, solving jigsaw puzzles and web de


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Hello. I am a college student. Some of my hobbies are: Reading books and comics, solving jigsaw puzzles, writing short stories, playing chess, web-design and playing video games. I am also working as a freelance translator (part-time).
Nice to meet you all!


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Hello everyone! I am LightJeep and I am big fan of sci-fi stuff :cool: I love space, video games, and electronic music! I guess I will see you guys around! :D


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Hello everyone! My name is Roger and I am a high school student at Canada. I love to play video games and I hope to have a great time with everybody :)


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Hey guys, the name's Rebecca. I'm a college student in Ohio working on my degree in tourism. I like video games, comics (Marvel in particular...) and pretty much anything pop culture-related. See you all around!


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Hey everyone! Like most of you, I'm a big fan of TV, video games, and movies. I'm 23 years old and a recent graduate looking for work! I'm always looking for new friends who share my interests since most of my friends from school are not completely interested in the same things as me (except for my SO). I spend way too much time on the internet so hopefully I'll get to know some of you!
How's it going?
I'm GamerPerson, I've been into video games since I was a kid. I'm 22 and live in the US and I'm glad to be here!


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Hi guys! I'm a college student and love to play video games whenever I'm free. Unfortunately, school is getting busy so I don't have much time to play :(. Maybe in a few weeks!
Hi guys! I'm a college student and love to play video games whenever I'm free. Unfortunately, school is getting busy so I don't have much time to play :(. Maybe in a few weeks!
Here's hoping that you'll get your exams done and over with so you can game without abandon. :D

Black Spiderman

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I'm Kendrick and I can tell that this is a forum that I'm going to be attached to. Video gaming is my primary hobby, and as such I'm really looking forward to talking with everyone else here!


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Hi there I registered just a few minutes ago, I'm Bigbrain50 as you can tell from my screen name, I'm a University student from the island paradise of Jamaica, geek culture is pretty big out here, well geek/nerd culture is today's pop culture so no wonder right? I think I'll enjoy my time here and I'm looking forward to knowing everyone here.


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My name is Nick, and I live in the United States! I love to discuss movies, video game, and many other things with a variety of people. I am looking forward to participating on this forum, and getting to know many of you guys!

If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask!

Miles Hansen

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I'm Miles and I'm 18. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark and despite Miles being a boys name I am actually female (Thanks mom!) I enjoy gaming, going to the cinema and I read a lot of books. I go to college-ish (Denmark doesn't have college) and I'm studying Languages and Media. Hi ^^


Hey guys! I just registered a little while ago. I thought this site was solely forum based but I'm discovering that there are a ton of cool things on the site itself. I can wait to dive into some of these articles and have some fun discussions with you guys as well. It's always fun to find people with similar interest who are just as passionate as you are.


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Hi guys! I just joined and I want to Introduce myself first. My name is niiro and I like to play games. Any type of games. Thank you for reading!