Interview With Beast Morphers Director


Why is every good TV show Cancelled
Google sent me this link & it seemed relevant to a lot of conversations we've had over the years.

To paraphrase:

--Despite New Zealand's issues with the appropriateness of the show itself, their film industry loves the show because it's surprisingly complicated to make & keeps their guerilla filmmaking skills up for more rewarding projects.

--They do not worry about the adult audience whatsoever, except on very rare occasions. Everything is intended for the average 4 year old.

--The reason they don't go back often & do some of the seasons they've been forced to skip is mainly because the monster suits from Toei have degraded & would need to be remade, which was a huge issue on PRBM.


I wish Andrew Laing used his native accent as Venjix and Evox. He reminds me of Swayzak from Toonami's "Trapped in Hyperspace" event, who had a New Zealander accent in the online game.

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