Interview w/ Judd Lynn... Phantom Ranger Revealed.... Sorta Not Really.. Kinda!!!

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1. Can you tell us what it was like rising from one of the writers to the show runner of Power Rangers?

Your history is off. I didn’t rise from being a writer. Here’s roughly my history on the show…

Jonathan Tzachor and I had worked together previously on low budget movies. Some real low-budget stuff. Then a friend of his offered us the chance to do the pilot for what was originally called “Dino Rangers.” If picked up, it would mean consistent work for months or years. We decided to do it, Jonathan as the Line Producer, me as the Unit Production Manager (UPM). The pilot turned out pretty well and was picked up. Most of us who saw it thought it was a nice little story, but the disjointed Japanese footage seemed like a crazy ingredient. Few of us had the insight of Haim Saban, who had no doubt it would be a winner.



I got my question answered! Awww yeah!

But anyway, very cool interview, I like his take on the Phantom Ranger, not something I would have thought of, but a very solid idea indeed. I'd go so far as to say its canon in my own world.

Also, I just feel like I need to say this: Lets not run off the stars of the series like a certain OTHER board did >.>. These guys deserve respect...


Whomp, whomp!
Good read. I especially liked how he would have concluded the loose ends with the Phantom Ranger and Billy. Thanks for the interview, Keith. :thumbs:
He and others will be stopping buy to answer a bunch of questions from users of HJU. :thumbs:

Thank you. So, I'm guessing S.T.A.R.S. stands for...Stars That Answer Real Stuff? I don't know.

Thanks for the interview. It still bums me out that the Phantom Ranger didn't have an identity, but at least we don't have to wonder.

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I;m too fucking lazy to read that ****...

But let Judd know this...

[ame=""]YouTube - Power Rangers Samurai Theme [CLEAN][/ame]


Great interview but can someone explain to me about the John Tellegen line? I am lost as to why that's odd.

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