[SELLING] Interest Thread: Thinking of selling my Kamen Rider and Ultraseven DX collection


Hey all!

I'm new here but I've lurked around for a while. I've finally decided to join and say HELLO. A little background: I'm a member on the RPF and a moderator at Robot Japan. Although those sites are cool...they don't cater to my Tokusatsu side. So HERE I AM! LOL!

So, I know this isn't exactly the meet and greet thread but I'm doing this on the road and only had one shot to post.

I was thinking of selling off my MEDICOM RAH Kamen Rider DX collection of the classic Riders and my Ultraseven DX collection. So I am posting this thread to see if there are any interested parties in taking it off my hands. Obviously, they won't be cheap but I am taking reasonable offers.

If anyone is interested, please do post or send me a PM. If I get enough interest, I will go and take pics. Just so you know I have the mail away items included as well as renewal versions...

Thanks guys and nice to be here! :castlerock:
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