May 7, 2016
The story as that an ancient clan known as Inojin have revived and are trying to destroy the world.Only Sekai Inochi,also known as Inochi Kamen Senshider can destroy them.Henshin,on!

Name meaning: Inochi Means life,Kamen means mask,so the first part of his name is Life Mask.Senshider is a play on the statement: "It's a senshi(warrior)!"

Transformation: Sekai says, "Incohi Kamen! Henshin,On!" and his suit appears. He then grabs his Life Mask, puts it on, and the transformation is complete! To untransform, he says, "Henshin,Off!" and removes his mask.

Finisher: For his finisher, he yells, "Inochi Kamen Senshider Hissatsu!" and jumps into the air, spins like Ryuki, repeatedly kicks the enemy, punches the enemy, and smashes them into the ground, causing them to explode.