INDEMNITY: South Africa’s Answer To Jason Bourne Just Landed An Explosive Official Trailer


If you’re keen on South African genre cinema and have been curious to know the goings on of late with the creators of Netflix series Blood & Water, then your answer has finally arrived with the official trailer for fugitive espionage action thriller, Indemnity.
The film is set to screen for Fantasia’s 25th and hybrid installment, in addition to an in-person World Premiere on August 11 at the Imperial Theatre in Montreal, QC, and from the looks of things, attendees at Imperial are in for a real treat. I’ve mused plentily on South African action and stunts during the run of The Hit List and so to see the names Vernon Willemse and Grant Powell in the announcement below certainly rouses the excitement and curiousity.
Check out the trailer above and read on:
An ex-firefighter in Cape Town is forced to fight for his life after being accused of murdering his...

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