In The New Movie Cocaine Bear, You Get Exactly What Is Promised

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After seeing this trailer, I want to tell this to my Alexa, Alexa play Rehab by Amy Winehouse. LOL This bear needs intervention.


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Holly Crap, I cannot believe this but this movie is based from a true story. A cocaine addicted bear spreading terror did happen:



Even though my expectations were extremely low, I really want to see this now. I never imagined that a meme of this bear would be turned into a movie, but I'm sold, and I need to see this right now. I am not expecting a masterpiece but it looks fun and camp, I really want to see this now. It kind of resembles a big-budget film adaptation of a Saturday Night Live sketch. The camp and the craziness is just funny.


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In this situation, there are only two possible outcomes. Either it makes fun of itself and creates extremely funny gem, or it takes itself too seriously and creates horrible horror crap. However, if you watch this movie stoned, you will be in for a real treat. This film has a better chance of being entertaining than half of the films released each year. This movie is going Against Avatar Way of the Water.


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People may think this is some strange movie with a fresh idea that is hard to take seriously. Nonetheless, something similar, albeit not exactly the same, did occur. The computer-generated imagery of the bear lured me to watch the film, which is surprisingly good for such a ridiculous film.


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I'm saddened to learn that Ray Liotta has died and that this will be his final film. I really hope he gets to make more movies before he dies because I don't want his final film to be about a drug-addled bear.


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They could actually start a franchise with that and use different animals for sequels involving cocaine or other drugs. I can't wait to read "Cocaine Bear," which won Best Picture at the Academy Awards. It appears that an internet meme made its way to Hollywood. I can't wait to read it. This and Megan will be the pinnacle of cinematic achievement.


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I am planning to watch this movie when it releases the next year. The movie is believed to be based on true events. I think movie will be worth watching.


That's so interesting and I would love to watch it as its made on a perfect plot that I like and since its a comedy-based movie I am most excited.

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