General Discussion I'm so lonely here.

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Man. I'm kind of wondering how much longer Xenforo is going to last. What do you think we should try next, PHPBB?


Shaken Not Stirred!!
Hey!! I noticed :)
I'm new to the forum so hoping to make some great friends as the community grows!!


Awww. don't worry, you are never alone. You have all these wonderful forum members to keep you company, so smile :).


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Look at that, now you're popular. All you had to do was speak. You will never be lonely again. Whoa you posted that in 2012 :eek: I am sorry we didn't get back to you earlier.


Xenforo is a great choice for forums! It's nice to have different software choices other than the generic phpBB and vBulletin. They're mostly all the same aside from the different themes each of the forums have. You're doing a great job at keeping this forum looking very clean and tidy, and you seem to be doing a great job at referring members to this forum. Keep it up. :D