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Welp, since it's hard to keep track of all my images, all of my KR art will be over here.



Anyways, for my first post ever, here is a sketch (plus a colored doodle) I did of Souji Tendou, AKA Kamen Rider Kabuto, AKA the chosen one.

Totally failed at doing his signature hand pose thing.



Arata Kagami (looks a little off I know), Souji Tendou ready to Henshin-it-up, and the Riders Gatack and Kabuto.

To go on a slight tangent: Rider designs, compared to my art style, are hightly detailed. So I had to simplify them quite a bit to make them easier for me to draw. I hope I did them justice here. I know with Gatack, I kind of ditched the gold lining on his armor, which I know is kind of his thing, but I tried to add it and it didn't look good. So, please forgive any annoyances you might have with these versions of the designs.


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Dude, those are sweet. Kinda like Kamen Rider Kabuto: The Animated Series.

I really like how the designs are simple, and slim. Quite fitting for riders after a cast-off.


You remind me that I've never thought about drawing the armored up forms. Mainly because I like the Rider forms more XD I should try it, though.


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Did a full model of Souji Tendou (KR Kabuto) to test out my new sketch pad. Now, when I draw with this sketch pad - which may be exclusively used for things like commissions - I'll be able to just scan and color with little to no editing (since, with a normal notebook, I'd need to take out those annoying blue lines.)

Anywho, just a standard design for Souji. I imagine he would have his jacket closed until he needs to go into some Henshin action.



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His crazy weapon is hard to simplify. But I hope I did this justice!

Also if you've seen my previous series of doodles, I've altered this design ever so slightly. Just a little change to the chest as well as the "chin" of the helmet.


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I recolored my image of Kabuto to make Dark Kabuto. Totally skipped on the circuitry and made swirls instead... :sly:

Enjoy this poor attempt at Kabuto "fanservice"!


Well, to be honest, my art style isn't intended to be anime, though I can see how it can be looked at that way. But thanks :D


Ahh, well, Derrick Wyatt (the artist for that show) is one of my favorite artists, so it's possible elements of my style are based on what I like in his art. It's not intentional. ^^;


Kabuto doodles (part 2)


Yaguruma, Kageyama, Daisuke, Tsurugi, and their Riders (in head shot form). Had fun doing these.

On a side note I made Daisuke's eyes slanted like this just for a design quirk - it's something I use on various designs of mine. I say this because I'm afraid someone will take it as offensive in some way. :eyebrow:

Anywho, enjoy!

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Oh oh oh!! Do TheBee first! TheBee and Yaguruma pre-Kick Hopper (meaning before Kick Hopper). If you do, I'll be a very happy fanboy! =D


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Something I forgot to upload, it was drawn and colored a few days back and posted on a different forum, but nowhere else - until now!

Yup, Gatack. Gold and silver blades because one of them apparently has a gold stripe. Kinda easier just to make the whole blade gold. :p Enjoy!


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