If yould have it your way, what would you do?

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I understand that you had limited resources and budget for the the series itself. If you had enough at your command, what would you have added? Sting's character seemed to get a lot of focus in the episodes he was in, the relationship with his father and what not. Was he ever considered for a bigger role, or was this also cut down due to lack of time?

Another "what would you do" could also be if you had side stories planned for characters that weren't on the show for so long like Camo or Incisor. Or What Ifs stories as well.

Nathan Long

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There was a lot of stuff planned that got cut along the way for time and budget reasons. For Sting/Chris we had a sequence where he's in basic training and can't complete an obstacle course, and the Drill Sergeant's shouting at him. For Siren, we had an Earth Siren planned. She was a bank robber who used the mirrors to escape the cops, but then gets caught and beat up by Kase.

There were more I'm not remembering...

At one point I wrote a ridiculously ambitious scene where Xaviax and Strike chase Len and Kit across the rooftops of the city. That would have cost the budget of a Transformers movie.
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