If you could be a Red sentai senshi...


Which ones would you want to be as from the listings below?

Main protagonist reds:

1.) "Aka Ranger! Himitsu Sentai...Goranger!"
2.) "Spade Ace! J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai!"
3.) "Battle Japan! Battle Fever J!"
4.) "Denji Red! Denshi Sentai...Denjiman!"
5.) "Vul Eagle! Let's Shine! Taiyo Sentai...Sun Vulcan!" (Vul-Eagle II - Hiba)
6.) "Goggle Red! Dai Sentai...Goggle V!"
7.) "Dyna Red! Explode! Kagaku Sentai...Dynaman!"
8.) "Red One! Choudenshi...Bioman!"
9.) "Change Dragon! Dengeki Sentai...Changeman!"
10.) "Red Flash! Choushinsei...Flashman!"
11.) "Red Mask! Hikari Sentai...Maskman!"
12.) "Red Falcon! Choujuu Sentai...Liveman!"
13.) "Red Turbo! Kousoku Sentai...Turboranger!"
14.) "Five Red! Chikyu Sentai...Fiveman!"
15.) "Red Hawk! Chōjin Sentai...Jetman!"
16.) "Tyrannoranger...Geki! Kyōryū Sentai...Zyuranger!"
17.) "RyuuRanger! Heavenly Fire Star...Ryō! Blazing the Sky are Five Stars! Gosei Sentai...Dairanger!"
18.) "Ninja Red...Sasuke! Hiding from the people and slashing evil! Ninja Sentai...Kakuranger, revealed!"
19.) "Oh Red! Chōriki Sentai...Ohranger!"
20.) "Red Racer! Fighting for Traffic Safety! Gekisō Sentai...Carrrrrrrrranger!"
21.) "Mega Red! Denji Sentai...Megaranger!"
22.) "Ginga Red...Ryouma! "I pierce through the Galaxy with the legendary blade! Seijuu Sentai...Gingaman!"
23.) "Go Red! People's Lives are the future of the earth! Burning rescue spirits! Kyūkyū Sentai...Go! Go! Five! Mobilize!"
24.) "Time Red! Timeranger!"
25.) "Blazing Lion~Gao Red! Wherever there is life, there is a roar of justice! Hyakujū Sentai...Gaoranger!"
26.) "The wind howls, the sky rages. Air Ninja, Hurricane Red! Unknown even to others…Unknown even to the world…I become a shadow to defeat evil! Ninpū Sentai...Hurricanger! Have arrrrived!"
27.) "Enormous Energy! Aba Red! Ultimate Dino Guts! Bakuryū Sentai...Abaranger!"
28.) "1! Justice will win! DekaRed! Tokusō Sentai...Dekaranger!"
29.) "The Burning Flame Element! Red Magician...Magi Red! My overflowing courage changes into magic! Mahō Sentai...Magiranger!"
30.) "The Firey Adventurer! BoukenRed! Endless Bouken Spirits! GoGo Sentai...Boukenger!"
31.) "In my body flows infinite power. 'Unbreakable Body,' Geki Red! My blazing Geki is the proof of justice! Juken Sentai Gekiranger!"
32.) "Mach Full Force!! Go-on Red! Persevering on the Road of Justice! Engine Sentai...Go-onger!"
33.) "Shinken Red. Shiba Takeru. The official Samurai Sentai! Shinkenger! Go forth!"
34.) "Skick Power of Storm! Gosei Red! Protecting the planet is an angel's duty, Tensou Sentai...Goseiger!"
35.) "Gokai Red! Kaizoku Sentai...Gokaiger!"
36.) "Red Buster! Busters, Ready...Go!"

Extra reds:

1.) Time Fire
2.) Akiba Red

You can list more than one.
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TimeFire, GokaiRed, Ryuranger, MegaRed. And KabutoRaiger.


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You forgot part of DekaRed's roll call. It's something like "1! To hate evil" or something like that. Been a while since I watched the show. Not sure if that's all you forgot, I just know that one.

You also forgot to add Aka Red to the list. Also... Maybe the red ranger from France Five?

And if I had to choose from something preexisting, I'd choose Gokai Red. Get the best of all reds and even some Kamen Rider. Heck, since the Gokai powers seem to follow their own rules, I could probably imitate any Red that comes after Gokai with that power, official or unofficial. Either that or Aka Red since he seems to represent the spirit of Super Sentai.

But I'd rather be something original and unique.


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Don't be afraid..........they're actually called Red "Rangers."

C'mon, I know you can say it.......RAAANNNGGGEEER



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GokaiRed would be my first choice, followed by TimeRed, Red Falcon, AbaRed, Red Hawk, Red Turbo, Red Racer, and Princess ShinkenRed - why isn't she on the list?